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 Abigail Spring (Companion)

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PostSubject: Abigail Spring (Companion)   Sat Sep 24, 2016 11:04 pm

Name: Abigail Spring
Type: Companion
Tier: 1
Race: Witch
Abigail is energetic and very cheerful, always seen as being the life of the party and as a general all around good spirited person she travels the seas not in search of glory or treasure but instead to bring joy to those she comes across and help those who need it. She can at times be brought down by events happening around her or if someone finds a way to get under her skin, though she often tries to let words bounce off of her and look for the best in everyone no matter how dangerous or evil they may at-first appear to be.

Due to her cheerful and bright personality, she can find herself at times to be a bit too trusting and easily tricked due to her naive and childish nature but once a battle is underway or her friends need protecting, she will not hesitate to use all of her abilities in order to protect them even if it means hurting her enemies in the process.

She is also a very forgiving person who, despite past transgressions, will usually offer former enemies a chance to prove that they have turned over a new leaf or that they are capable of doing good like she believes they are capable of and due to this she has a tendency to make friends wherever she goes more often than not.

Abigail is a somewhat short and young girl, standing at just below five feet (4'10'') and being only fifteen years old. Her young and childish nature is shown in her appearance as she dresses most often in bright pink and white colors wearing her large magical bow on her back when not in use and her matching pink hair is typically kept up by small bows on either side of her head to form it into twin-tails.

Her build matches her stature, being young and seemingly frail in her appearance although still healthy overall she has a way of making others think that they might seriously hurt her rather easily despite her hidden strength beneath the surface.

Picture 1 (No Bow):
Picture 2 (With Bow):

Name: Magic Arrow: Basic
Tier: 1
Type: Combat
Cooldown 1 Post
Abigail grasps her magic catalyst (a large bow-shaped wooden branch without a draw-string) and pulls her other hand back as if to draw an invisible string, creating a small string of purple magical energy as well as a matching arrow which she can then fire towards an enemy.

Due to the low tier of this ability, it is not capable of traveling further than ten meters and is unable to pierce through armors D rank or above. It is also capable of giving enemies of D rank or below a small shock meant to incapacitate them for a single post or for enemies above D tier simply gives a small jolt which would serve to distract or possibly create an opening for another attack.

- Provides the user with some ranged attack capability.
- Effective against unarmored targets.

- Dissipates upon hitting armor's tier D or above.
- As with all Holder's magic, requires the weapon to be used.

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PostSubject: Re: Abigail Spring (Companion)   Sun Sep 25, 2016 11:59 am

All is well~ Approved.
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Abigail Spring (Companion)
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