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 A New Era Emerges!

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PostSubject: A New Era Emerges!   Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:38 am

Somewhere in the New World

Clank! The sound of the snailphone being answer commenced the call that would begin yet another change in the Pirate World's current state of affairs. "Oho~ What's up, Mecha?" the blonde haired Yonko responded as he stabbed his blade into the heart of the young rookie beneath his boots. "I've managed to hunt down another one of the Supernova's, I think this brat's name was Nettai." Mecha said laughing hauntingly. "Perfect. I've just finished up over here myself actually." Lolly said grinning, removing his blade from the pirate's chest. "It's starting soon, Mecha. I'll need you and the remainder of the crew to assemble. For the First Time ever in the History of the Yonko's, we'll be having a Summit, they're calling it the Meeting of the Conqueror's." Lolly said, calmly cleaning his blade as the remainder of his crew raid the defeated enemies pirate vessels. "With this 'count', we've just murdered four of the current Supernova's. Which means all of the possible hiccups in our plan's have been erased though, two them seemed to be pretty submissive." Lolly said grinning at the lolita dressed Supernova, Katie Zareth. "We'll need all the hands we can get for the 'Great Pirate Bash'!" Lolly exclaimed chucklingly heartily. "Boss. I've gained some interesting information." Mecha said, laughing hauntingly again. "Guess what? Guess what? Apparently the Snow brat lives!" Mecha exclaimed with much joy. "Oh. I knew I didn't carve deep enough into her. I was hoping to get Lazarus and Leo to join me after her death... but they both seemed to reluctant." Lolly said, slighting annoyed clutching at the wounds on his shoulder and stomach, caused by Lazarus and Leo respectively. "I have a mission for you then, Mecha. There's a certain Devil Fruit I'll need for this upcoming meeting... Could you kill it's current owner and bring it back to me..." Lolly said sternly. "Sure boss. Who?" Mecha asked laughing hauntingly. "Lazarus D. King, heir to the Phantom Clan. I've finally found a method for me two vessel two Demon's in this little old' body of mine." Lolly said grinning.

Movements across the New World beckoned all of the Yonko's and their crews to one place, Twlight Island. With this news stirring across the seas, especially after the incident on Fusion Island, the World Government was surely against letting this meeting occur. However, they're only option was too let it happen, the Revolutionary's begun there move. Approximately 1000 Kilometers away from the Redline, a fleet of one hundred sky vessels approach Mariejois and we're only four days flight away from the Redline. On the sea, another one hundred ships sailed directly towards the Redline walls. In Marine HQ command room, the Marine Executives sat surrounded by members of the World Noble Faction.
"I'd like to put forward my proposal at this point, Fleet Admiral Jewels." the young Admiral Jeremy Cantea announced. "Speak." Jewels simply commanded. "As we all know, our Shichibukai as of late have been flip flopping with their duties... Which brings me to the question... How long will the World Government and by that extension, the marines allow these 'retired' pirates to act wildly and at times, counterproductively to our causes. I put forward this same proposal three years ago, I'll say it once again. Abolish the Shichibukai System and allow the Cipher Pol 0 to maintain order on the seas in their place." Cantea said grinning, the entire marine body was in an uproar at the man's statement.  
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A New Era Emerges!
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