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 Karissa Blaze [Revamp](Done)

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Karissa Blaze


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PostSubject: Karissa Blaze [Revamp](Done)   Sun Sep 18, 2016 8:22 pm

Full Name: Karissa Blaze
Alias/Epithet: Angel
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Winged
Sexuality: Technically Bi
Affiliation: Revolutionary
Occupation: Swordsman

General Appearance:
On her back she still have the scars from the wings that she lost in her past. Herr body is a temple and it shows as her skin is delightfully soft even though she is a battle hardened woman. shown as well by her very fit body.
Hair Color: Dark Red
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Light
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 69.5 kg
Tattoo: Altered slave tattoo on her back mostly hidden away by her scar, but it resembles a pair of wings instead of the well known celestial dragon tattoo.

Karissa isn't the friendliest person among strangers, she can be considered shy but in truth she just distances herself from meeting new people, it’s not like she fears them or anything she just doesn't feel like it. So while strangers considers her slightly cold among friends and trusted people she is just rather calm she can be a bit flirtatious if she feels like it, doesn't really seem to mind being flirted with, she is confident about her body and therefore not truly shy for people to catch a glimpse of any part of it. Her trust is truly not easily gained, but once gained she will be as loyal as one can be going to overly selfless lengths to help out. In most situations she will be calm and collected, she has been forced to grow up and so she has a hard time understanding other people being immature, when on a task or the like she will stay focused and rarely divert from the task at hand unless there is the chance of a person she cares for getting hurt. She prices those close to her very dearly, as she has not been able to have many of those. She has been taught manners through rather unpleasant means however choose to keep them around herself feeling that it might have been an unpleasant thing to learn but it was also a good thing.

She have a much harder time around men, not that she dislikes them, she just have a huge trust issue with them, this doesn't really affect women the slightest, as she has not been through a situation where something like that would cause it. That said once a person has gained her trust be it man or woman she will treat them equally, even if to begin with the man will be less trusted. She tends to freak out if someone invades her privacy without her having full awareness about it, flashes of the past overwhelming her for a few moments making things bad, can even cause her to take to self-defense if the situation is strong enough. Karissa is proud of her body, while she surely have a strong distrust in men she enjoys showing herself of, not for the sake of people looking but for the sake of feeling proud, this leads to her having no trouble standing topless and the like in front of a person she has trust in and the friends of the people she trusts this might lead to very strange embarrassing episodes for others, though not for her. As a child she was forced to grow up rather quickly and this has caused her childish side to be suppressed rather quickly, the child still lives within her, which is what holds all the joy in life and brings out the cheer within her, around those she has fully trust in she can be rather open and childlike, though this is only the ones she trusts wholly and completely, not just a comrade but something more than that.

Personality Quirks:
-She is rather proud of her body and so she has no trouble flaunting what she has, if she feels like it. meaning undressing in front of others and the like she has no trouble with. Her usual attire is a reflection of that while she still wears armor, that doesn't change the fact that its rather light and not really covering a whole lot.

- Compliments and the like, while being a hardened woman she is not immune to compliments and the likes and rather enjoys them a lot, it is not always shown but the right compliment will truly make her day any day.
-Warmth/Sun She loves feeling the warmth of anything be it from a hug, the sun, crawling under a blanket, anything of the likes, it allows her to feel free in some odd way.
- The Sky, she loves looking at it, always finding it so pretty, loves soaring through it whenever possible.

-Losing control, not she needs control at all times she just dislikes loosing tap at what’s going, where she is unable to keep up and the like, it makes her feel uneasy.
-Rude and pushy people, she can't stand them, she doesn't mind the cold and heartless ones but those people that feel like they own the world and everyone should just follow their orders, she especially despises.
-Celestial Dragons, for countless reasons Karissa literally hates these people, a lot. Enough to kill them on sight knowing that the admiral would come hunting her afterwards, she is sensible however and able to calm her desires of torturing them to death.
-Marines, mostly for protecting the Celestial Dragons.

-Put an end to the power the Celestial Dragon's hold within their grasp.
-Find her family again.
-Free others who have been put in the state she once were in. (Slavery)

-Losing control in a tight space, be it in the mass of people around her, or pushed up in a corner will have her frightened to an almost stunned position.
-Feeling powerless again, she was once a slave who had no power to even think for herself and she does not want to return to a similar position at all.
-Being dominated by men. This might seem silly for many, but Karissa has gone through traumatic experiences at a rather young age and so she has developed a complete fear towards such a thing, and if put into such a situation then her instincts will kick in and she will do whatever it takes to get out of it. Be it in combat or in bed, even if it is a person she trusts she won’t be able to handle it.
-Falling to her death, as a child she experienced a rather deep fall and luckily landed in water but it has causes damage even so.

Home Town: Spypeia

Character History:

Face Claim: Herself
Voice Claim: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Karissa Blaze [Revamp](Done)   Thu Sep 22, 2016 3:06 pm

;~~~~; I just wanna snuggle Karissa with love. Approved~ Pleasure reading as always Jack.
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Karissa Blaze [Revamp](Done)
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