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 Lilly Z. LuX

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Zerina Zayne
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PostSubject: Lilly Z. LuX   Sun Sep 18, 2016 5:18 pm

Full Name: Lilly Z. LuX
Alias/Epithet: 'Fire Lilly'
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight
Affiliation: Revolutionary
Occupation: Void Brawler

General Appearance: Lilly wears as Little clothing as possible. She is often seen with a white top that covers her solar plexus up to her shoulders leaving her busty cleavage and rock solid belly exposed. She wears black short shorts with a utility belt for items and other things she wants to carry around. The most stand out thing about Lilly is her impressive Black and Ruby Gauntlets Which feature a shield at the elbows and go all the way to the mid upper arm. These gauntlets are definitely what makes her stand out in the crowd. Lilly also has long gorgeous light brown hair and matching ruby hair ties to go with her gauntlets.

Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Golden Brown
Skin Tone: Tan
Height: 5'6
Weight: 150
Tattoo: "Black Hand of Fate"

Personality: Lilly is usually happy and outgoing, always making herself the center of attention and with her good looks it happens quite often. She is kind, amphibious, and brave in all regards, making her a pretty enjoyable character to be around. When Lilly is angry or upset everyone around her will know instantly because her lightening mood will shift to a storm of unforgettable energy. all in all Lilly is that outgoing bombshell of a woman who wants the best in the world but in order to get the world that way many things have to change; which she is more than willing to do even if it takes her entire life time.

Personality Quirks:
+There is always something going on with people offering her some form of potatoes, which she is afraid of and wants to stay away from them.

+ Hot Bathes and to completely be naked.
+ Gauntlets and fighting Styles that involve the fist.
+ Riding Beasts and finding weird creatures around the world.


- She does not like any sort of ruler ship, be it a king, Government or anything else.
- People who pillage and destroy villages for treasure.
- Wearing Panties.
- The Undead.

Motivations: Her one goal in life is to be the greatest brawler the world has ever seen and she believes in order to reach that goal she must take out the Government and release the best fighters from prison in order to kick their asses in the area.

- She Fears that she will end up destroying a village and ruining peoples lives.
- She fears eating Potatoes or being around them, They are very odd to her and she does not trust them.
- She fears running into a fighter and being unprepared to defeat them.

Home Town: Yukiro Island
Character History: [Mystery-Will be revealed through RP]

Face Claim: Tifa, From FF.
Voice Claim: N/A

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Zerina Zayne
First Generation
First Generation

Berries : 250,000
Posts : 93

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Skill 1: Rainbow Logia
Skill 2: Illusionary Arts
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PostSubject: Re: Lilly Z. LuX   Sun Oct 09, 2016 4:56 pm


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Lilly Z. LuX
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