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 Getting Started (Task)

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PostSubject: Getting Started (Task)   Mon Sep 12, 2016 9:59 pm

Task Name: Getting Started
Task Tier: T2
Location: Jakavol Bay (New World)
Task Details: Hearing some rumors of a Marine Presence on the island, the crew sets out to find and (hopefully without being noticed) discover their plans, along with doing anything they can in order to sabotage or disrupt the Marine presence, although they might find that the Marine crew they happened upon was more than they originally thought.


- Track and find where the Marines are stationed.
- Sabotage what they can / Take anything of value.
- Defeat the Marine Crew and assert Revolutionary presence.
- Hopefully not die.

5 x Marines (D Tier)
5 x Marines (C Tier)
(Equipped with F or D tier rifles / swords)

1 x Marine Lieutenant (B Tier/Boss)
(Equipment Unknown - Presumed to be of equal tier ranking)

All enemies are unaware as to the Revolutionary's presence on the bay and had originally arrived as a stop in order to have their ship mended and stocked up with supplies - Although reinforcements could be called if they are alerted before the majority are dealt with.


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PostSubject: Re: Getting Started (Task)   Tue Sep 13, 2016 11:57 am

Understand that since this is the New World, if you do anything in the thread to draw unwanted attention to yourself, i.e. explosions,  excessive use of force, etc. The difficulty will spike a fuckton. Rarely would they send anyone of C-D rank to the New World since the weather conditions alone would kill them. So just make sure you and whoever you bring, act accordingly.

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Getting Started (Task)
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