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 Island Description

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PostSubject: Island Description   Sat Sep 03, 2016 11:31 am

This Island is located in North Blue. The most inhabitants of this 10 km radius island are monks, whose large and colossal temple can be seen in the middle of the island. But who is their God, who they pray to? This is still a mystery! It is also has a large arena, where different games are held, to prove the worth of humans, four times a year. People are fighting until their death. Religion and Death: a mysterious island in North Blue... It also has a port, where the traders gather to sell their different goods. The long alleyway in front of the temple leads to an altar on the water, where the monks make offerings to their God.
The island has also many old ruins surrounding it, which are under water - probably it was much larger before. There is a hidden passage on the island into those underwater ruins, which include many treasures and something, that is most terrifying.
The weather is mostly sunny, but occasionally has also heavy rainfall. Animal inhabitants include tigers, lions, bears, boars, etc. The terrain of the island is mostly green, aside the buildings, which are not so much on this island, there are many different kind of tree growing there. The island has also a side island attached to it and on it, there is a prison, where usually some combatants for the games in the arena are held.

What do the monks offer to their God? Why are the games held? Where is the passage to the underwater caves? What terrifying thing is lingering in those caves? Are you ready to uncover those mysteries yourself? Then come to Temple Island!

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Island Description
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