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 Marine Grand Line 4th Branch

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PostSubject: Marine Grand Line 4th Branch   Mon Aug 29, 2016 9:40 pm

Name of Crew: G-4; Marine Grand Line Forth Branch
Name of Ship: "Hell's Cocoon"
Crew Flag: Marine Flag

Overall Leader: Vice Admiral Bomba
Unit 1 Leader: Rank ________
Unit 2 Leader: Rank ________

Goals: To stop up-and-coming pirates from gaining a foothold in the New World.

Motto: "Bring the new-blood to heel so that peace can remain."

Defining your crew: Given special permission from the Fleet Admiral to hunt down and execute problem targets in the New World who aren't important enough to be tackled by the Cipher Pol agents. They are meant to tackle upstarts and other crews who wander into the New World attempting to make a name for themselves, by any means necessary. It is known that their methods are brutal in nature. Sometimes they will offer these upstarts trainee positions as replacement for problem Shichibukai who might no longer be of service to the World Government as well as for secretly benefiting the World Government in the long run.
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Marine Grand Line 4th Branch
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