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 Fear of Crimson Eyes (Crimson D. Snow's Arc)

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PostSubject: Re: Fear of Crimson Eyes (Crimson D. Snow's Arc)   Sat Aug 27, 2016 11:07 am

Carmine D Snow wrote:

Arc/Plot Name: Fear of Crimson Eyes
Arc/Plot Tier: T5
Locations: Amazon Lily
Arc/Plot Details:

Upon crashing his ship into the side of Amazon Lily, Carmine finds himself stranded on the Island and begins to make the best of his situation, foraging for food and water as well as supplies to craft himself another boat. Though after a while he begins to think he's being watched and soon enough Amazons set upon him, thinking him to be a danger for being male. With this new danger in mind, Carmine sets himself onto a new goal; Taking over Amazon Lily.

Boss Image:
Boss Details
Name: Alaryce
Tier: 4
Haki?: Yes (Champion's Crown: Black Busoshoku & Champion's Scope Kenbunshoku)
Occupation: Knight
Abilities: N/A
Equipment: T4 Sword of Undyne (Water Affinity), T3 Armor (Covers legs and arms additionally)
Description: Young Apprentice to Madam Ares and an upstarting beauty of the island, a warrior that is slowly rising in the ranks and becoming more and more infamous among the other amazons for her quick learning. While Alaryce might look like a soldier, she is also only 16 and has so much more to learn in the world. This doesn't mean she's a pushover though and when push comes to shove she knows how to prove that!

Boss Image:
Boss Details
Name: Madam Ares
Tier: 5
Haki?: Yes (Demonic Aura: Rear Admiral's Ambition, Black Busoshoku & Demon's Scope Kenbunshoku)
Occupation: Berserker
Abilities: Reduced Pain (Berserker Skill), Moku Moku no Mi (Smoke-Smoke Fruit)
Equipment: T4 Dual-Bladed Axe, T4 Armor, T3 Flying Lizard Pet
Description: Protector of Amazon Lily and known as it's figurehead for being one of the strongest Amazons in Amazon Lily in terms of their warriors, Madam Ares was named after Ares, the god of war in mythos of legends past. She carries herself with an undeniable beauty and a vicious and deadly power - all in Amazon pay respects to her for her duties and service for the sake of the island but even outside of the island on what trips she makes to the shorelines of other islands, she is feared.

Notes: This will be a player made arc and the enemies will be played by myself but roleplayed to the best of their abilities and will not hesitate in harming Carmine gravely. This is meant to be an Arc that will take time to complete because he not only has to secure himself rations to survive but must plow through numerous amounts of Amazonian warriors of various degrees in strength before he can even challenge Madam Ares and assert himself as powerful enough to rule over Lily and govern them protection.

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Fear of Crimson Eyes (Crimson D. Snow's Arc)
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