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 Sunset of The Golden Age

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PostSubject: Sunset of The Golden Age   Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:58 am


Despite changing the world, the Straw Hats were defeated and scattered at Saobady and never seen again. Straw Hat Luffy was killed alongside his brother during the Summit War, and all those following his lead were killed or captured in turn. It is assumed that without their captain, the will of the Straw Hats was broken and the crew members were never heard from again.

Twenty years later, with the dreams and morale of pirates across the many seas in danger, the Marines are poised to finally end the Golden Age of Pirates, Gold Roger's treasure of One Piece never again seeing the light of day.

And yet, Gold Roger's dream still refuses to die. A new group of pirates takes to the seas to seek Wealth, Fame, and Fortune, to take one last shot at their dreams. Opposing them are the Marines, and countless Bounty Hunters seeking to make their legends and paychecks... including the Privateers, elite Bounty Hunters serving as the direct mercenaries of the Marines.
Times have changed, but dreams never die!

Welcome to the Sunset of the Golden Age.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

SotGA is an RP forum set 20 years after the pre-timeskip events of the One Piece series. Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates never achieved their dreams, leaving the Golden Age of Pirates without its proper ending. Thus, players are free to take up their own dreams and goals, and fun for all!

We use a fairly light mechanics system to gauge character strengths, and we allow for both story-focused gameplay as well as PVP threads. We tend to keep to a general PG-13 ruling, but as long as things stay within reason and everyone involved is cool with it, we are happy to allow shenanigans.

Players may earn their Wealth, Fame, and Fortune as any of the factions on the seas: Pirates sticking to dreams of being the Pirate King, Bounty Hunters aiming to make a quick buck bringing them in, or even as Marines out to bring Justice to the high seas. There are rumors that even now, the scattered Revolutionaries are beginning to reform, under new leadership.

Come make your mark on history. Our site formally opens on August 1st, 2016, but players can start as soon as right now!

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Sunset of The Golden Age
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