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 Reverie of Aurlia

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PostSubject: Reverie of Aurlia   Sun Jun 26, 2016 5:47 pm


I post this message in hopes of receiving new members. So don't be shy to stop on by! Please consider becoming a member of the forum!
Everyone and anyone is accepted! This is a creative, finely composed, and very friendly site that listens and acknowledges user input. Although, feel free to help us develop this forum further by contributing in anyway you'd enjoy.

Reverie of Aurlia takes place on a planet similar to our Earth, but with it's many differences. Members will find themselves as a human caught in the semi-futuristic, technologically advanced, environmentally beautiful, & mysterious planet of Aurlia. There are multiple continents with many countries in each that face arising aggression between one another. Factions kill to survive, rebel against authorities, and others hope to spread peace.
While life takes it’s natural course on Aurlia, the planet continues to contain many unknown secrets that not a soul could wish to comprehend...
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Reverie of Aurlia
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