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 Ashura's Armament

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PostSubject: Re: Ashura's Armament   Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:47 pm

Carmine D Snow wrote:

Name: Ashura's Armament
Type: Armor
Class: A
Length: N/A
Weight: 40 lbs
Description: Forged out of rare components, this armor was said to be passed down as an item of legacy - mainly attributing it to a piece of armor built for the usage of slaying demon's when the world used to be plunged in darkness. It was said this was the very armor comprised from hardened armor-like skin that made up Ashura's body after he was bested in battle by a warrior long ago. It covers the shoulders, arms, legs, waist, torso and back with metal plating that while it's not entirely light - is more so than some of the more heavy-duty armors out there.

+ ~ Protects most of the wearer's body from harm though obviously can only take so much abuse. It provides more protection against lower level weapons and equipment, etc. (B & Lower) but normal protection against other (A-Level) weapons and equipment, etc. - meaning enough wear on it could break it and can be damaged easier by Higher Tier (S & Above) weapons and equipment, etc.
+ ~ This Armor can be coated in Busoshoku Haki if the wearer is at a high enough level to allow them the 'Full Coat' ability in Armament Haki. While it will not increase it's defenses drastically, it allows the suit of armor to sustain more damage from attacks without wearing it down as much - though obviously taking intense damage from something like a Z weapon could break it, use your heads people.

- ~ The Armor reacts negatively to water like most armors due to it's weight, it will weigh down the user wearing it if submerged to shoulder or chest level in water reducing their speed to 80% of it's current score. Due to it's medium-type however it does not disable the ability to swim but does not offer any aid to Devil Fruit users wearing it, only serving to drag them down more.
- ~ Takes 1 full post to put on the armor and remove it if removed or not yet put on during a thread - making it possibly an inconvenience if one is bleeding out with the armor on, making surgery hard without removing the armor.
- ~ Due to the armor not being heat resistant as much as some others can be - the user takes slightly increased fire damage and will be uncomfortable in hot locations and weather.

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Ashura's Armament
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