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 Reijiro Noda

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PostSubject: Reijiro Noda   Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:49 pm

Full Name: Reijiro Noda
Alias/Epithet: -
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Mink
Sexuality: Bi
Origin: Zou
Affiliation: World Government

General Appearance: (What you look like in general. Usual attire to casual attire, during threads etc. Please give at least 200 words here OR a Picture. Max Size 500X500)
Hair Color: (Character's hair color. Black, Brown etc.)
Eye Color: (Character's Eye color)
Skin Tone: (Skin complexion of character)
Height:(Height of your character)
Weight:(Weight of your character)
Tattoo:(Have Tattoos? If so a Description or image will be excellent and of course where on the body.)

Personality:(Character’s Emotional Traits, Character’s Habits & Actions. Minimum requirement of 200 words.)
Personality Quirks: (Everyone has a unique quirk or habit, such as unique laughs, or habits like a lack of sense of direction. Be creative, and be as silly as you would like.)
Likes: (List 3 Likes)
Dislikes: (List 3 Dislikes)
Motivations: (List at least 1 motivation. What is the ultimate goal of your character?)
Fears: (List 3 fears)

Home Town:(The place where your character was born and raised)
Character History: (Optional, Can Be as little or as much as you would like. However, If its over 600 words put it in a spoiler.)

Face Claim: Nanachi from Made in Abyss.
Voice Claim: (What will your character sound like!? Optional but adds a whole new dimension to your RP.)
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Reijiro Noda
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