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 Hakumen Kane Skills

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PostSubject: Hakumen Kane Skills   Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:18 pm

Skill Mixture: Lightning Rampage
Elements: Lightning and Heat.
Character Tracker:
Skills Information: The skills are basically  lightning using or adding either attacks or support abilities. All the skills involve the devil fruit of the Goro Goro no Mi, some of them use lightning’s other use the heat of them. He is able to regulate the voltage of his electricity, with his maximum output being 200 million volts, the same amount of voltage as a standard bolt of lightning. Hakumen is able to control, create, and transform into lightning. The user can travel at the speed of lightning by transforming into it.

-When Hakumen use lightning his eyes become the same color than the lightning, if he heat stuff they become red.
-When someone touches Hakumen 0-30 minutes he used an ability feels a flitch.

-When someone tries to hit the user he automatically becomes lightning.

Skill Strengths:
-Hakumen’s abilities are stronger when there’s a storm or he is in an electrified zone.
-The user can use his fruit to jump-start his heart if he enters a state of cardiac arrest.
-The user can merge with solid matter.

Skill Weaknesses:
-Ones of Goro Goro no Mi weaknesses is rubber, that’s because the electricity doesn’t bypass rubber.
-The Goro Goro no Mi is not completely friendly as it can accidentally hit an ally or electrocute him.
-Seastone is one of his weaknesses as is one of the only things that can hit the user of Goro Goro no Mi and completely contra rest the effects at all.

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Hakumen Kane Skills
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