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 Event: Fight For Freedom

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PostSubject: Event: Fight For Freedom   Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:53 pm

This Medium sized Island is where slave trade seems to thrive. The Island has been used as a dump for generations- metal scraps, Trash, and Humanoid Slaves. This Island is cold and gloomy like the victims that were sent here. At the very center of the island a massive prison like structure holds the Slaves until they are auctioned off here at the Island's Auction house. For too long folks have been taken to this island to be sold, for too long the pain and suffering of These Captured Folk have lined the walls and junk of this place. The Revolutionaries and others who believe in freedom have come together in order to put an end to this place and free the slaves.

However.. Mercenaries, Pirates, Gangsters, and others who thrive in the business of this trade will be waiting to kill whoever gets in their way. It will be an all out battle on the Junk.

Who will be victorious? Will the Slaves gain their freedom or will they remain in chains?

Which side will you choose?

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Event: Fight For Freedom
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