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 Event: Battle for Turtle Island

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PostSubject: Event: Battle for Turtle Island   Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:50 pm

Turtle Island has been a neutral Island for as long as anyone can remember. The Island has been Profiting as of late by selling Black market weapons. This has lead the World Government to hold a sudden interest. The King of this Island has been offered a spot among the world nobles, However, before he had the chance to accept or decline he passed away from a strange and sudden illness. The Three sons of the recent King now strategically Plan who will be the next in line for the throne.

The First brother and eldest among them is Prince Braxton; He is strong willed, wise and wishes to join the world government as a world noble upon his victory in the war. He is obviously backed by the World Government, Who has sent marines in order to help him succeed.

The Second brother is a year younger than Braxton and his name is feared among the people of the Island. Prince Jerret is Physically powerful and allows his emotions take a hold of his destiny- He has offered berries as well as positions in his Kingdom to all those on his side. This Offer has attracted countless Pirates, Gangs, Privateers, And even corrupt Marines to fight for his cause, Of course, They will only be rewarded what was promised if they win.

The Third and Final Brother's name is Prince Hoppicus, He is a Kind and noble sort of fellow who only wants what is best for the kingdom and his people. He believes that the Island should remain Neutral as it was for the past few hundred years. He believes it should be Free from the World Government, Prosperous in trade, and Open to any refugees from other Islands looking for a new home. he has attracted quite a few like minds to fight for his cause including unorganized Revolutionaries.  

The Real question is.. Who will you fight for? Who are you willing to go against? The Outcome of this war depends on you and it will change the Island's Destiny forever.

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Event: Battle for Turtle Island
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