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 Big Band

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PostSubject: Big Band   Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:12 pm

Skill Mixture: Big Band
Elements: Sound
Character Tracker: Canard Tenebrose
Skills Information: Using a unique proficiency in music mixed with a natural charismatic flair, Canard's music can induce feelings and emotions strong enough to physically influence a person. Mostly revolving around his beloved trumpet, Canard is first and foremost an instrumentalist. 

Passives: Piece Complete: Canard's skills mostly revolve around short rhythms and jams, but if he uses three unique Big Band skills within twice as many posts, he forms a Melody, which provides additional effects based on what skill was used as the Melody's Finale. 

Up to Eleven: In combination with his Purple Soul Color, Canard's music can reach greater distances. All sound based Big Band techniques exceed their Class's range by 25%, at a maximum of 8 meters. Those outside that distance may be able to hear the music, but will remain unaffected. 

Ear for it: Canard is a practiced musician, and has played with a variety of vocalists and instrumentalists. If he is affected by a sound-based skill that isn't his own, Canard will understand what the skill does after that technique's duration ends. 

Skill Strengths: Because of the skill's element type, Big Band skills can affect a great number of people besides Canard himself as most deal with anybody in range of the technique.

There are more songs in the world than anybody could ever know! As a musician, Canard has huge array of techniques given enough practice with his instrument.

Skill Weaknesses: Because of the skill's element type, some skills can't discriminate between targets. As a result, enemies can get caught up in buffs meant for allies, and allies caught up in more harmful effects.

For skills specific to Big Band, Canard needs an instrument to perform. If he uses a skill without an instrument, all effects are halved in power.

Big Band Skills:
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Big Band
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