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 Blue Fin Style ~ Organic Scented Karate

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PostSubject: Blue Fin Style ~ Organic Scented Karate   Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:11 pm

Skill Mixture: Blue Fin Style ~ Organic Scented Karate
Elements: Water/Poison/Fire
Character Tracker: Gin Takahashi
Skills Information: One of the two parts of the Blue Fin Style. This style of combat relies on both Fishman Martial arts (in this case Fishman karate) and alchemy to make in this case perfumes (and some other stuff). This skill is basically Fishman karate, however; a twist is added with usage as perfumes with different effects in some attacks. This slightly increases the versatility of this skill, but is kept mostly the same. It might also be important to mention, Gin has learned to combine his Fishman Karate techniques with some kicking basics. Also, most of these attacks smell well.


  • Perfumed: Gin always smells well because of his constant use of perfumes.
  • Smelling Alchemy: Gin is able to make any type of perfum. With organic materials around him, he is able to make perfumes for people to smell nice or to smell like something specific. However, if he is looking for a specific smell, he'll need the specific ingredient. If he wants to smell like vanilla, he needs vanilla.
  • Organic Soup: With alchemy, Gin is able to make soup. He can use organic materials like plants, herbs or fruits to make soups with enough vitamins and other nutrients the body needs. These soups are enough to keep someone alive and with pretty good health. This, however; requires materials and will taste horrible.

Skill Strengths:
-Uses vibrations. This means people usually durable to blunt attacks might be more easily damaged with this type of attacks.
Skill Weaknesses: (What are some disadvantages of your skills as a whole? Is it countered by speed? High Defense? Be specific with the how and the why, and be sure to include an equal amount of weaknesses as you have strengths.)
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Blue Fin Style ~ Organic Scented Karate
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