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 Blue Fin Style ~ Rainbow Ocean Jujutsu

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PostSubject: Blue Fin Style ~ Rainbow Ocean Jujutsu   Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:10 pm

Skill Mixture:Blue Fin Style ~ Rainbow Ocean Jujutsu
Elements: Water/Poison/Fire
Character Tracker: Gin Takahashi
Skills Information: One of the two parts of the Blue Fin Style. This is Gin's main form of combat and utilizes the three Doctor, Fishman Martial Arts and Alchemist specialties. This side of the Blue Fin Style revolves around the usage of Fishman Jujutsu, and while still using some Karate, it focuses on the manipulation of water as if it was a solid material. By combining these martial arts with Gin's ability with alchemy and medicine, the user is able to add some fluids with extra effects on the controlled water (usually done through the use of perfumes which he can easily put on his hands). This is the reason why it has gained the name of Rainbow Ocean Jujutsu, these extra liquids added to the water pain the water giving it different colors depending on the fluids. It is important also to notice, Gin's techniques have been highly passed to kicks instead of punches which is why he can control water with his feet as well.


  • Surface: Gin is able to walk and stand on water. This is done by using the Fishman Jujutsu basics to manipulate the water below him. This way he can stand on water as if it was solid.
  • Speed Swimming: Because of this skill set's nature, gin is commonly fighting on water. Because of this, he gains 50% speed when swimming and is actually able to travel between islands. (Must be Tier D to swim through the Blues, Tier C to swim through the calm belt, Tier B to swim through the Grand Line and reverse mountain, Tier A to swim to underwater islands/locations and Tier S to swim through the new world).
  • Blue-Fish Stance: Gin is able to grab water as if it was tangible matter. Gin can grab some water (enough to surround his hands with it) to then use in techniques. Techniques that require small amounts of water will no longer need Gin to grab water. This can also be used with his feet. This has no combat advantages, it is only to avoid needing to go to a water body each time a small technique is going to be used.

Skill Strengths:
-Strong skill around big water bodies.
-Versatile compared to other non-devil fruit skills.
Skill Weaknesses:
-Most attacks required pre-existing water to be used.
-Weak to electric attacks -5 endurance against electric attacks.
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Blue Fin Style ~ Rainbow Ocean Jujutsu
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