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 Organic Medicine WIP

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PostSubject: Organic Medicine WIP   Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:09 pm

Skill Mixture:(Name of the Skill or Skills used)
Elements: (Add at MAX three elemental properties that you use in your Skills, If any. Keep in mind that this is just a simple extra flare- Unless you have an actual Devil fruit.)
Character Tracker:(Link to character Tracker)
Skills Information:(What your skill or skills do, how they works, the mechanisms behind them, what they looks like; be as descriptive as you would like.)

Passives:(Any small side-effect of your skill-sets have that affects your character or the environment in some minor or cosmetic way can be added here, these can be things like having an alternate eye-color when utilizing your powers, lighting up an area passively if you utilize a light-based power, etc)
You are able to have up to Three Passives.

Skill Strengths:(What advantages do your skills have in the RP? What gives it these strengths and why? Be as descriptive as possible and focus on concrete strengths of your skills as a whole rather than individual strengths that techniques provide)
Skill Weaknesses: (What are some disadvantages of your skills as a whole? Is it countered by speed? High Defense? Be specific with the how and the why, and be sure to include an equal amount of weaknesses as you have strengths.)
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Organic Medicine WIP
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