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 The Speed Arts

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PostSubject: The Speed Arts   Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:16 pm

Skill Mixture: The Speed Arts
Elements: Flames with "Silver Devil" at later tiers.
Character Tracker: Here
Skills Information: This skill set was taught to her by her father that trained her to become one of the fastest beings alive. It's essentials involve racking up insane levels of speed before dishing it out with momentum-based attacks to increase her destructive force without actually being strong to abuse her super speed (Such as running really fast before dropkicking someone to release the built up momentum).


Momentum Control:

Silver Devil:

Skill Strengths:

  • The skill set allows Silver to use her super speed to accompany for her lacking strength, making use of the momentum that she can create at super levels to deliver some super strikes.

  • Allows Silver to actually be useful for once in combat along with it being able to be a quiet and quick style to allow for mass confusion among┬áher enemies as she dashes around.

Skill Weaknesses:

  • The style is highly explosive and thus without enough stamina to get out of a moves aftereffects she's essentially screwed seeing how fragile she is.

  • The style often leaves the person in question at the wrong place at the wrong time if one doesn't have enough stamina to get out of that said situation.

  • Her speed and attack needs to be waged against each other for anything to work.

Tier 1 (D) Techniques:
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The Speed Arts
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