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 Cipher Pol Positions

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PostSubject: Cipher Pol Positions   Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:12 pm

Cipher Pol Agents work as the intelligence agency for the World Government. Anything from secret missions, assassinations, or even being a personal body guard for one of the World Nobles; Cipher Pol Agents are illusive and effective. Cipher Pol Agents are the only ones able to learn Rokushiki 'The Six Powers' form of Martial Arts, Which means the names on this list are the only ones able to learn Rokushiki. If you want to lead one of the Cipher Pols below fill out the Template below.

Captain: Poppas Bomba
First Mate: Lilly LuX
Second mate:


[b]Cipher Pol:[/b] [Which Cipher Pol are you applying for? You will be leading it.]
[b]Why?:[/b] [What makes you Cipher Pol Material?]
[b]Current Reputation:[/b]

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Cipher Pol Positions
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