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 New Blood Pirates WIP

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First Generation
First Generation

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PostSubject: New Blood Pirates WIP   Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:29 pm

Group Name:  New Blood Pirates
Base Name: -
Group Symbol: -

Captain: Hiroko Trajada
First Mate: Hakumen Kane
Second mate: -

Goals: To make a new world where freedom is our only right and anarchy is our way to rule.

Motto: "Our goal is not to be finished before we leave. We will fight until death because we live to fight and we fight to die. That is our way of living and our way of dying."

Defining your Group: The New Blood Pirates is a group where only those who fight their way through the group itself are well received. We are indeed a violent group that specializes in fighting. As a group, we tend to fight and survive alone, however; we still help each other and organize ourselves as a crew. Loyalty is also something we take seriously. While killing each other is not too big of an offense, leaving the group is. We find that to be a weakness and weakness is something the crew does not forgive.

Allies: -

Enemies: -


Hiroko's Theme
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New Blood Pirates WIP
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