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 What Event?

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Azure Snow
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PostSubject: What Event?   Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:05 am

I Would love to start a World Plot Event where everyone can participate- However, instead of thinking one up on my own, I would like all of you to give suggestions and work together to put together an Event- I will take what you suggest on this Topic and Fuse it together to create something we all will enjoy. SO! Where should the Event be, Why is it going down? What's happening? Ect..

Sooner I get suggestions and Teamwork to get the Creativeness flowing, The faster I will create the Event.


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PostSubject: Re: What Event?   Thu Oct 19, 2017 5:23 pm

I do not really know the situation of our world, however; I think the following event should take place in a big city/kingdom with a lot of people. I think we should have an event to START the world plot, something similar to gol D Roger's execution and the announcement of the one piece.

So, poor people around the world have started talking about how the world government and rich people are abusing their power and sealing from them. They also started to spread the voice about the government lying about the war so many years ago. To calm down the people and try to make them forget about their economy, the government plans out a huge festival where everyone is invited. The festival is announced as the anniversary of such war ending many years ago. Almost at the end of the festival, an important member or face of the government gives a big announcement trying to inspire people to love their government understand it wasn't their fault the economic situation of those below (basically what a good leader would do right?). This announcement would be done through a moshi moshi (and would be transmitted all over the world), however; the announcement is interrupted by some pirate or revolutionary figure. This character (important for the world plot) starts saying how he and his crew or team or whatever are starting to conquer the new world and parts of the grand line for it to start a new world government. A place where people are all well paid and nobody is treated like poor people are at the moment. This, first of all, causes chaos around the world (for at least 1 night after such announcement) where everyone starts fighting and rising to fight the government.

This would be the end of THIS event.
Next is what plot would become after such event:

This also gives pirates reasons to go to the new world. Some pirates seek freedom and justice by starting a fair country, some seek for anarchy to fight and steal. Marines start to realize their mistakes or decide to push with a war against the pirates for territory. Revs support this idea trying to start a new country or directly trying to completely destroy the world government, not only in this new country trying to be created.
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PostSubject: Re: What Event?   Fri Oct 20, 2017 3:49 pm

I'd start of small, with incomplete systems a large scale event could be rather tedious and cause a lot of issues especially if combat where to happen. I'd keep the event to the blues, seeing as everyones so new just wtf booming to the GL doesn't make much sense. I'd recommend focusing on a single faction as the key figures, for example pirates. perhaps a group of evil pirates have taken command of one of the blues? or a key area of one of the blue seas and have threatened the marines hold thus th emarines have to halt them. Pirates get involved to halt or join the other pirates either for money or glory, where as the revs are then given the choice of backing the evil pirates, or throwing in an alternative motive for the revs, that the pirates are using slaves and the revs [against slaves] then go to liberate them.

Right now i do feel as though an huge scale event would be something too hard for the site in its stage as of now and think something smaller or even something per faction would be a better option.

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PostSubject: Re: What Event?   

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What Event?
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