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 Eiji Mikoto

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PostSubject: Eiji Mikoto   Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:37 pm

'If I can spend my days documenting the times, maybe the History of the World for our future generations might be at least 1% more accurate. That'd be one step in the right direction.' Eiji Mikoto

Full Name: Eiji C. Mikoto
Alias/Epithet: The Great Author | Miki
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight
Origin: West Blue
Affiliation: Revolutionary

General Appearance:
General Attire:

Eiji is generally seen wearing a kimono, often with no undershirt due to the very humid climates of Marsh. His signature look, is a green and black stripped over coat, the stripes flowing vertically from the collar to the overcoat's base. Under which, he'd wear a variety of light colours, mostly red and yellow, depending on the season or his mood. Around his waist a black belt, used to fashion his garments together. On his feet, he wears several different cuts of wooden or straw sandals, which he has replaces once every few months or so. He wears no major accessories on his body generally. On his waist, Eiji carries his trusted Katana, a blade that named after his late mother, Suki-Taiyo, combining her name and their father's maiden name.

Hair Color: Night Black
Eye Color: Amber
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 6'3
Weight: 212lbs
Tattoo: Sun Symbol on his Right Arm

Sun Insignia :


Flirtatious: One of his Seven Don inherited personality traits is from a man who went by the name of Tensai. Eiji has the habit of altering his tone and mannerisms, as means to manipulate women into giving him what he wants. Now, now, most of the time, it isn't anything sexual in nature, he just needs information at times, and thanks to Tensai, that's his go to tactic. His favourites types to tease are generally the shy and reserve types with his advances but it's truly the strong willed type that turns him on the most.
Disingenuous: Eiji's very cold towards people generally, even women if they're not suited for a purpose. This trait is more of a Paranoia of trusting others that he inherited from one of the Don's by the name of Doc. Doc, didn't let many people close to him, like, literally, everyone had to stand at least six inches away from invading his personal space at all times. Much like Doc, Eiji hates having to interact with people if it's not necessary, actually, he'll even often play the role of the Sexist Pig, The Loud Drunk or even the Crazed Street Punk, just to get people off his case, depending on the situation.
Courageous: From Pop and Soujoro, Eiji never backs down from situations where he himself is mentally or physically challenged. His Will to be heard and never backing down in most situations.
Calculated: From Jiriya, Eiji learnt how the power of words can effect people's morales and enthusiasm levels. Jiriya was the head of security and through his words alone, he was able to convince most people of anything, not by, flashy words, physical appearance or trickery, but by hard raw pure facts. He'd spend hours researching a plethora of topics, as obscure as many of them seemed to be, spitting little trinkets of it in his everyday life. Much like Eiji, they are both said to have a fairly above average IQ.
Anti-Social Eiji generally doesn't go out of his way to talk to or meet new people. Mostly fuelled by his paranoia of trusting others but mostly because he's too self involved in his own life goals to deal with the day to day pleasantries of 'friendship'. However, his Charisma draws people to him, and often times, he'll end up in social settings he had no plans of being in. Another factor is the secrecy of his life, Eiji appears to be an open book to his friends but in actuality, he feeds them false information to make it appear as if he's a shut-in, mostly to avoid anyone coming into his home or gaining interest in personal life.
Charismatic: Charisma really isn't a trait you can inherit, it's more a poise people are born with. Watching the Twin Brothers of the Don's, Clyde and Lloyd, use their political ties and personal connections, Eiji learned the importance of having friends in high places and same positions as yourself. Lloyd, the female of the twins, especially, was able to use general lust people felt towards her to swing deals in her favour. Whereas Clyde was rough around the edges, using force and intimidation, it made the perfect Ying and Yang, chemistry between the two which effected everyone around them.  
Personality Quirks:
One Eye Opened, One Eye Closed?: No one knows exactly when it started but Eiji has trained himself to keep his right eye permanently closed when talking to others and in general day to day activities. He's said to have gained this quirk from Pop, one of the late Seven Dons, who suffered damage to his eye from a stabbing incident, and though, having a replacement eye, he kept his eye permanently shut closed. The only time Eiji opens both eyes are in combat situations, and even when astonished or shocked, only one eye will remained open.
Laugh, Like Father Like Son: Eiji has inherited his Father's Will, and laugh among other things. The pattern goes 'Kishi-shi-shi' or 'Ki-Ki-shi-shi', depending on how funny or excited Eiji is.

  • Rare Books
  • The Scent of Jasmine
  • Full Moons


  • Nobility
  • World Government
  • Green Tea


  • Eiji's main motivation is liberating Marsh Kingdom form monarch rule. His novels was his first attempt at striking back towards the propaganda spread around his Father's and Nueva's History. However, he's not against violent protests but is currently too anti-social and too paranoid to share his goals with anyone else.


  • Dying before accomplishing his goals of taking down the Monarchy in Marsh.
  • Mysophobia - Mild: Hates being dirtied or the feel of mud underneath his nails.
  • Traumatophobia - Fear of being cut or physically harmed, petrified of pain.

Home Town: Nueva - Marsh Kingdom

Character History:

The Great Author - Eiji :

Face Claim: Rihan Nura | Nurarihyon No Mago
Voice Claim: Spike Spiegel | Cowboy Beepop

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Nuxxon (Valentine)


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PostSubject: Re: Eiji Mikoto   Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:42 pm

I already claimed that voice but I'm going to ask Azure if several people can claim it I guess, even if it doesn't make sense to me he might have another word.

(Other than that, looks good.)
((Won't hold back an approval just because of that btw, if anything else we just change one of our voices if it doesn't work lol, approved)

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PostSubject: Re: Eiji Mikoto   Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:39 pm

Its cool with me. Wink

Nuxxon (Valentine) wrote:
I already claimed that voice but I'm going to ask Azure if several people can claim it I guess, even if it doesn't make sense to me he might have another word.

(Other than that, looks good.)
((Won't hold back an approval just because of that btw, if anything else we just change one of our voices if it doesn't work lol, approved)


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PostSubject: Re: Eiji Mikoto   

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Eiji Mikoto
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