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 Smoking Petal - 燃焼 花弁 [WIP]

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PostSubject: Smoking Petal - 燃焼 花弁 [WIP]   Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:43 pm

Skill Mixture: Smoking Petal Style
Elements: Fire, Wind
Character Tracker: Here
Skills Information: Originating on one of the many Amazon islands, the sword style was banned due to it's destructive potential and unorthodox way of learning. The Smoking Petal earned its name as it abandons a normal fighting stance that most sword styles use and instead lets the user move as they wish, like a falling petal.


  • Smoke Bearer - Any weapon that the user holds emits a faint smoke from it. If it's a sword, the smoke will seep from the scabbard.
  • Universal - The particular style can be used with any weapon imaginable, even guns.

Skill Strengths:

  • The user is very mobile and unpredictable

Skill Weaknesses:

  • If distracted, the user puts themself in great danger, as once they start moving they can't stop.

D Tier:

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Smoking Petal - 燃焼 花弁 [WIP]
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