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 Daenys D. Seastar Tracker

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Daenys Seastar


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PostSubject: Daenys D. Seastar Tracker   Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:43 am

Name: Daenys D. Seastar
Character Race: Human
Given Epithet: “The Dreamer” / “Ma-Ma”
Tier: D
Level: 0
Soul Color: PRIMAL CRIMSON: Gaia's Shaman;
The Call to nature is a permanent thing for a soul like yourself. The Spirits, Animals, And other beings from other worlds are able to communicate with you, This Includes Sea Kings and Sea Life. However, Because of this Great gift you have trouble speaking in large groups and often keep to yourself around your own race. Able to Speak to Animals, Spirits, Ethereal and Astral Beings, As well as Sea Life- Including Sea Kings. You are able to translate perfectly and know exactly what they mean.  

Character Application: Daenys D. Seastar

Health: 5 — Normal Human
Stamina: 15 — Above Average
Speed: 15 — Above Average
Strength: 15 — Above Average
Dexterity: 15 — Above Average
Will Power: 20 — Superior
Endurance: 15 — Above Average

Devil Fruit: Horo Horo No Mi — Hollow-Hollow Fruit Obtained in Devil Fruit Roll
Bakemono, The War Axe
Other: [Any other Items you may have. This Includes Links to Ships, Homes/Bases, and Companions]

Each Proficiency Maxes out at 4 points[Including Haki]. The First point is Novice, Second is Apprentice, Third is Skillful, and last is Master. Please Read the Proficiency and Haki Information: [HERE]

Haō-shoku: Unlocked. — 0

Busō-shoku: [Unlocked at Level 20] — 0

Kenbun-shoku: [Unlocked at Level 20] — 0

Swordsman: — 0

Marksman: — 0

Navigation: — 0

Doctor: — 0

Brawling: — 0

Cooking: — 0

Musician: — 0

Shipwright: — 1
Tier I: [What can You do at Tier I?]
Tier II: [What can You do at Tier II?]
Tier III: [What can You do at Tier III?]
Tier IV: [What can You do at Tier IV?]

Tactician: — 0

Devil Fruit: — 1
Tier I: Capable of creating normal and mini negative hollows that are capable of both gathering information and damaging the willpower of those that they come into contact with. At this tier, no further kinds of hollows or special effects regarding the hollows can be utilized.  Skills involving the Devil Fruit are derived from the creation and usage of these two types of negative hollows and she is limited in the number that she can create at once as detailed below. Due to the Horo Horo no Mi, the user is capable of limited flight by embracing the ghost-like properties of being a Hollow Human.
Mini Hollows: 25
Negative Hollows: 10
Toku Hollow: 2
Tier II: [What can You do at Tier II?]
Tier III: [What can You do at Tier III?]
Tier IV: [What can You do at Tier IV?]

Tracking: — 0

Polearms: — 1
Tier I: You’re capable of creating basic techniques that consist of more intermediate abilities with polearms. All of your techniques consisting of polearmship will be of melee range. Your techniques aren’t capable of doing much else except cutting other living beings.

Tier II:  You’re now capable of creating more advanced techniques. Your techniques are capable of cutting through stronger material such as stone and Iron. You may be capable of launching ranged attacks.

Tier III: You’re capable of ranged Area of Effect techniques. Through your techniques you are able to cut through some of the stronger materials such as steel.

Tier IV: You are both able to cut through large objects of stone such as large statues, and are capable of launching long ranged attacks.
Total Points: 3

Code for Pro Points

The Ongoing Character History Lists every thread and Task that you have ever done with your character. After you list a link to that Thread you will write a brief Description of any permanent damage you had gotten, Clothing change, Equipment broken, Ect.

Thread Name
[Basic Summary of what happened.]

Thread Name
[Basic Summary of what happened.]

Thread Name
[Basic Summary of what happened.]

Thread Name
[Basic Summary of what happened.]

Code for Thread Stuff
Face Claim: Perona - One Piece
Voice Claim: Asuka Yokoyama
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Daenys D. Seastar Tracker
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