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 Lilly LuX's Tracker

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Lilly LuX
First Generation
First Generation

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PostSubject: Lilly LuX's Tracker   Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:22 pm

Name: Lilly LuX
Character Race: Human
Given Epithet: Lucky LuX
Tier: D
Level: 0
Character Application: Lilly's Character

Health: 20
Stamina: 10
Speed: 10
Strength: 15
Dexterity: 25
Will Power: 5
Endurance: 15

Devilfruit: Horu Horu no Mi

Silver Masterpiece

Black Rose

Other: N/A

Each Proficiency Maxes out at 4 points[Including Haki]. The First point is Novice, Second is Apprentice, Third is Skillful, and last is Master. Please Read the Proficiency and Haki Information: [HERE]

Haō-shoku: N/A
Busō-shoku: [Unlocked at Level 20]
Kenbun-shoku: [Unlocked at Level 20]


Marksman: I

Tier I: Dual Pistol Style- Lilly has been trained in large pistols and other small arms and can do beginner type things. Among all the things that were taught one thing stood out in training, and that was using two pistols at once. Aiming and Firing the two pistols in a smooth fashion without harm to self was taught as well.

Tier II:
Tier III:
Tier IV:

Navigation: --

Doctor: I

Tier I: First Aid & Combat Medic- Lilly can effectively patch herself as well as others up without any worry. This includes the ability to stop bleeding, using heated items to close wounds, and giving stitches.

Tier II:
Tier III:
Tier IV:

Brawling: --

Cooking: --

Musician: I

Tier I: Strings and Piano- Lilly can play Stringed instruments as well as keyed instruments to bring all sorts of emotions to her audience.

Tier II:
Tier III:
Tier IV:

Shipwright: --

Tactician: --

Devil Fruit: --

Tracking: --

Custom: You may put your Pro points into whatever skills you wish to have for your character. The Above Skills are simply a suggestion. When creating a Custom make sure to have a good description on what it does. Let it also be known that the Pro Points can also go into Haki but only if you have that particular Haki activated.

Total Points: 3

The Ongoing Character History Lists every thread and Task that you have ever done with your character. After you list a link to that Thread you will write a brief Description of any permanent damage you had gotten, Clothing change, Equipment broken, Ect.
[url=Link]Name[/url] [Basic Summary of what happened.]
[url=Link]Name[/url] [Basic Summary of what happened.]
[url=Link]Name[/url] [Basic Summary of what happened.]

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PostSubject: Re: Lilly LuX's Tracker   Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:22 pm


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Lilly LuX's Tracker
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