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 Uri's Skills (WIP)

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PostSubject: Uri's Skills (WIP)   Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:25 pm

Skill Mixture: Ope Ope no Mi
Elements: None
Character Tracker:Uri's Tracker
Skills Information:The Ope Ope, or the Operation Fruit, is a devil fruit that transforms the user into a Free Modification Human. This grants Uri immense spatial modification abilities, allowing her to modify anything within a limited space. While at lower levels, she finds herself clumsy with her skills, with enough practice Uri will find herself able to theoretically perform feats such as granting someone eternal youth although at the cost of her life, giving the Ope Ope the nickname as the Ultimate Devil Fruit.

Passives: Precision: As any surgeon knows, within surgery precision and speed is the key to a successful surgery. Each time Uri uses a supplementary technique other than ROOM, she will gain +5 dexterity. However, a supplementary spell may only be activated once in order to reap it's benefits. So if a certain technique is cast once in a thread and then cast again later in the thread, then one cannot gain another +5.

Life or Strength: An ability which can empower the user in dire situations. By sacrificing a single health point, Uri in returns receives a +1 boost to her strength. She can do more than once, however, the maximum amount of health points she can convert to strength is until the health pool reaches 1 where she will no longer be able to become stronger. However, once this exchange is finished, she cannot trade back her strength for health until the end of the post. She also must willingly sacrifice her health, meaning any damage she will take from outside means will not boost her strength.

I'll Trade my Life for Yours: A skill that can be compared to as a weaker version of the Eternal Youth Transplant. Rather than sacrificing her life for eternal youth,

Skill Strengths:(What advantages do your skills have in the RP? What gives it these strengths and why? Be as descriptive as possible and focus on concrete strengths of your skills as a whole rather than individual strengths that techniques provide)
Skill Weaknesses: (What are some disadvantages of your skills as a whole? Is it countered by speed? High Defense? Be specific with the how and the why, and be sure to include an equal amount of weaknesses as you have strengths.)

D Rank Techs:
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Uri's Skills (WIP)
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