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 Lilly LuX

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Lilly LuX
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PostSubject: Lilly LuX   Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:36 am

Full Name: Lilly LuX
Alias/Epithet: Lucky LuX
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight
Origin: South Blue
Affiliation: World Government

General Appearance:


Hair Color: Scarlet Red [Often Dyed different colors]
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Skin Tone: White or a Tan complexion.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 140LB
Tattoo: N/A

Lilly is the sort of person who journeyed out into the world in order to gain the 3 'G's - Glory, Gold, and Good Food. She has been Known to go straight into a battle facing each enemy head on with her guns, however, Even though she is crazy in that regard, She is a survivor; Lilly Knows when to back off or quit while she is ahead. In her own words, There will always be a chance later on to fire that pistol again. She is sharp tongued and is often straight to the point most of the time. Born of royalty she enjoys the finer things in life such as better pistols, a cozy shooting range to sleep on, and of course, Lots of clothing for any occasion. She is a firm believer in the art of the stage and will do anything to make her entrance as dramatic and beautiful as possible. Lilly also has a intense desire to chew bubble gum all the time and will always be seen chewing a piece of bright pink bubble gum. All in all Lilly is one sexy, fine tuned, aiming babe that enjoys long walks on the beach and a magnificent showdown with pistols.

Personality Quirks: She almost always has her hands on or near her twin pistols; Lilly Refuses to let them out of her sight. Another thing about Lilly is that her outfit changes a lot depending on where she is or what she is doing.

+Pistols and other guns.
+Hunting bounties and Getting paid.
+The sound of gun fire and fading screams.


-Pirates and Outlaws.
-Swords and other sharp weaponry.
-Those who don't maintain their Guns.


+She wants to be the best and most feared bounty hunter the world has ever seen.


-Losing a Showdown.
-Making friends and having to kill them later on.
-Dying from a bladed weapon.

Home Town: Boom Isles
Character History: N/A

Face Claim: Miss Fortune, League of Legends
Voice Claim: N/A

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Lilly LuX
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