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 Synthia's Character Tracker

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PostSubject: Synthia's Character Tracker   Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:59 am

Synthia Kami
Character Race: Human
Given Epithet: Magical Girl
Tier: D
Level: 0
Character Application:
Synthia Kami

Health: 20
Stamina: 20
Speed: 15
Strength: 5
Dexterity: 20
Will Power: 10
Endurance: 10

Skills: [url=Link]Name[/url] [Pending Creation]
Devilfruit:  N/A
Equipment: N/A
Other: T2 Ship [Pending Creation]

Haō-shoku: N/A
Busō-shoku: [Unlocked at Level 20]
Kenbun-shoku: [Unlocked at Level 20]


Marksman: --

Navigation: --

Doctor: 1
Thanks to having a mentor who is well-versed in the medicinal arts, Synthia has developed an acute knowledge of different types of plants and animal parts that can be used to create salves, medicines, or even poisons in some cases. This knowledge mostly serves to further her alchemic ability by way of giving her ingredients to work with that she knows the precise effects of and is able to enhance or dull these by adding other ingredients to the different mixtures.

At the first proficiency tier, Synthia mainly gains the ability to quickly identify plants, herbs, and other useful fauna at a glance and is furthermore capable of creating mildly restorative salves and tending to minor wounds such as cuts, scrapes, or mild poison effects such as ingesting a harmful plant or animal but she is not yet able to deal completely with man-made poisons and is furthermore incapable of treating major wounds such as broken bones or internal bleeding.

Brawling: --

Cooking: --

Musician: --

Shipwright: --

Tactician: --

Devil Fruit: --

Tracking: --

Alchemist (Custom) 1
Synthia's main love is that for Alchemy, having been taught by her mentor how exactly different mixtures work and how they are created. The main focus of this line of proficiency is creating potions - or 'spells' as they are referred to by Synthia and using these 'spells' to achieve different effects both on and off the battlefield.

At the first tier, these 'spells' mainly consist of rather small but varied effects that serve little in the way of offense but are more useful in causing distractions, disorienting a target, or otherwise dealing with enemies in an unconvential manner.

Total Points: 3 (One Stored Point)

[url=Link]Name[/url] [Basic Summary of what happened.]
[url=Link]Name[/url] [Basic Summary of what happened.]
[url=Link]Name[/url] [Basic Summary of what happened.]


"I always try my best, even when I have no idea what I'm doing!"
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Synthia's Character Tracker
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