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 An Engineer and an Alchemist

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PostSubject: An Engineer and an Alchemist   Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:12 am

Baron was touring the G-7 Marine base of Logue-Town. He had recently been assigned to this post and was expecting to be moved again, onto a ship's crew protecting various Islands within the East Blue from Pirates -- or at least he hoped he would soon be moved. While he didn't mind staying in the comforts of a base he more so wanted to be fighting on the front lines, after having had many years of near uselessness. He thought he would be doing more adventurous things while being a Marine, not this much work.

He was in uniform while on his way to the Cafeteria to meet up with some potential crewmates so that he could finally set sail. It was the typical Marine Uniform, a simple short sleeved white tee-shirt with the Marine Insignia on the back - which was nothing more than a seagull and the word Marine planted beneath it - a baseball cap with the word 'Marine' printed across the top of the cap for all to see when approaching Baron, as well as a pair of blue pants with some form of black combat boots. All the typical Seamen ranked Marines and below wore this uniform. The only slight change to the uniform was his square framed glasses that he wore as he required them to aide his already poor vision.

Upon entering the Cafeteria he would notice the most blaringly obvious thing - everyone pretty much looked the same. In terms of clothes, everyone just sort of blended in. All the men looked alike unless Baron paid close attention, and even the women were hard to differentiate without focusing. It wasn't a huge issue for him - the only problem was finding people he already knew. He was slightly anxious - he was always nervous around larger groups such as the one before him - but he made his way to the line to grab some Marine standard glob before he went looking for potential crewmates.
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An Engineer and an Alchemist
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