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 Ringo's Tracker [wip]

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Combo Breaker


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PostSubject: Ringo's Tracker [wip]   Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:31 pm

Picture of Character goes here.

Name: Combo Breaker
Character Race: Human
Given Epithet: N/A
Tier: D
Level: 0
Character Application: Ringo

Health: 15
Stamina: 16
Speed: 20
Strength: 16
Dexterity: 17
Will Power: 0
Endurance: 16

Skills: [url=Link]Name[/url] [Links to your Skill Sets.]
Devilfruit: N/A
Equipment: [url=Link]Name[/url] [Links to any and all your equipment.]
Other: N/A


Haō-shoku: N/A
Busō-shoku: [Unlocked at Level 20]
Kenbun-shoku: [Unlocked at Level 20]

Swordsman: --

Marksman: 2
Tier I: Flintlock - Normally, using smaller guns would mean for less range and a smaller clip, but for Ringo it's the opposite. When using a weapon longer than 1 meter, Ringo has a 5 point deduction to Speed. Though if it's shorter than 1 meter than he get a 3 point boost instead.
Tier II: Gunslinger - Due to using a gun for so long, Ringo's been able to get a general understanding on pistols. Whenever he is using one, he gets 5 points into Dexterity.
Tier III: [What can You do at Tier III?]
Tier IV: [What can You do at Tier IV?]

Navigation: --

Doctor: --

Brawling: --

Cooking: 1
Tier I: Chum Maker - At this skill, Ringo can only cook the most basic of dishes, and at pretty mediocre quality at best. Whenever somebody eats one of his dishes, they gain back 10 health and 5 stamina.
Tier II: [What can You do at Tier II?]
Tier III: [What can You do at Tier III?]
Tier IV: [What can You do at Tier IV?]

Musician: --

Shipwright: --

Tactician: --

Devil Fruit: --

Tracking: --

Custom: You may put your Pro points into whatever skills you wish to have for your character. The Above Skills are simply a suggestion. When creating a Custom make sure to have a good description on what it does. Let it also be known that the Pro Points can also go into Haki but only if you have that particular Haki activated.

Total Points: 3

The Ongoing Character History Lists every thread and Task that you have ever done with your character. After you list a link to that Thread you will write a brief Description of any permanent damage you had gotten, Clothing change, Equipment broken, Ect.
[url=Link]Name[/url] [Basic Summary of what happened.]
[url=Link]Name[/url] [Basic Summary of what happened.]
[url=Link]Name[/url] [Basic Summary of what happened.]

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Ringo's Tracker [wip]
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