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 T. Alpha's Equipment

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Tymee Alpha


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PostSubject: T. Alpha's Equipment   Wed Sep 06, 2017 2:50 pm

Name: (Name of Equipment)
Owner: (Name of Owner)
Type: (What is it? A weapon? - A Sword or a Gun? Armor? - Helmet, Chest piece? Ect.)
Class: (What class is This Equipment?)
Length:(How long is it? (For Weapons Only)
Weight: (How heavy is it?)
Description:(What the weapon/armor does, looks like, how much it weighs, how long it is, etc.)

Strengths: (For every one of these there needs to be an equal amount of weaknesses)

Weaknesses: (For every one of these there needs to be an equal amount of strengths)

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T. Alpha's Equipment
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