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 Spectral Flame Pirates

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Syrio Draghul


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PostSubject: Spectral Flame Pirates   Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:24 pm

Group Name: Spectral Flame Pirates
Base Name: Little Zombie [Ship]
Group Symbol:

Captain: Cobalt Junior
First Mate: Samantha Walker
Second mate: Kosovo Misogi

Goals: Live life to the fullest.

Motto: "Live life to the fullest. Even at the expense of others."

Defining your Group: A former gang turned band of Pirates. Why they sail the seas has not been determined, but for now it is merely for the thrill and adventure. So that each of the members can enjoy life to the fullest and feel alive in the face of death and adversity. They have no qualms taking from other people everything in this world, including their life. So long as they can feel that exhilaration.

Allies: N/A

Enemies: N/A
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Spectral Flame Pirates
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