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 Proficiency & Haki

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PostSubject: Proficiency & Haki   Tue Sep 05, 2017 3:33 am

Proficiencies are what define your character’s abilities and limitations throughout it’s roleplaying career. A list of optional proficiencies currently exists on the Character Tracker [HERE] These are optional because you can create your own specific proficiencies not listed. For example, you can create a Chemist out of your character by having them be Proficient in Chemistry. If you want your character to be some hybrid Engineer, Shipwright, Musician, feel free. You would only have to put Proficiency Points into those specific categories to be able to create the skills necessary to flesh out your character.

~Proficiency Points and What To Do With Them~

Proficiency Points are how you advance your character. You gain Proficiency Points by leveling/Tiering up, and will gain up to 3 at any given time. You will receive a max of 15, so what you are able to do in the end is limiting. It is important that you think of your character’s future and for what you want for them, because as of now there are no foreseeable refunds for Proficiency Points. After receiving your Proficiency Points you are free to spend them however and whenever you want by editing your Character Tracker. Keep in mind the staff Quote your tracker every time you edit it. It is important to have us approve it as soon as you edit it, so that it can be guaranteed for your next thread.

At the moment we allow for the use of freely defining how your character handles leveling their abilities. For example, someone like Zoro during his path of Swordsmanship chose to cut steel, however Kin’emon chose to learn to cut fire. It is up to your imagination to define just what in general your character is allowed to do with the current level of proficiency they are at. This being said, you must write a small and short description of what you can do at that Proficiency Tier on your Character Tracker under that particular category.

To prevent rushing towards high tiered proficiencies, you can only put one Proficiency Point in a category per tier. This means that if you put one point into, let’s say, swordsmanship at Tier C, you cannot put another point into the same category until Tier B. The maximum number of points you can put into a proficiency category is 4. Once it is capped you’re officially recognized as a “Master” of your proficiency.

~What does putting my Proficiency Points in a Category do?~

Putting your Points into an individual category allows you to create techniques. You get a total of 5 techniques every time you invest a proficiency point into a category, no matter what. Like proficiency points, there is a maximum amount of techniques you can obtain, totaling to 75. For Example, If you have 1 point in Swordsmanship, 1 point in Navigation, and 1 Point in Marksmanship you have 15 techniques you can create. You may mix and match them as much as you would like, Meaning.. You can use all those techniques for a single category or multiple. the Techniques are your to split up how you see fit.

~Haki and the Proficiency System~

You may have already noticed that the Character Tracker has an area for Haki along with the Proficiency Categories. Haki can be strengthened to become more masterful with it. The only difference between Haki and the rest of the categories is that you cannot put points into Haki prior to level 20. Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku are the only forms of Haki you can invest points into unless you have unlocked Haoshoku through the luck of the Roll.

As long as it makes sense within the definition of that specific Haki, you can describe how your character uses the Haki they specialize in, just keep in mind the staff can review and can deny how you want to handle certain things if they deem it too powerful for that tier or if it just doesn’t make sense in general.

When Putting Points into a Category you must also place the Template Below on the Chosen Category. You will describe what you can do at that particular Tier and what you will be able to do on higher Tiers.

Proficiency Examples :


[b]Tier I:[/b] [What can You do at Tier I?]
[b]Tier II:[/b] [What can You do at Tier II?]
[b]Tier III:[/b] [What can You do at Tier III?]
[b]Tier IV:[/b] [What can You do at Tier IV?]

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Proficiency & Haki
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