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 Transfer Request Thread

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PostSubject: Transfer Request Thread   Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:29 am

"Need a Mediator? I am your guy!"

Need to swap Items, Berries, or Devil Fruits? Do it here! An Admin or designated Moderator can verify the request, Approve it, And you will be on your merry way! Just fill out the Template below.


[b]Usernames:[/b] [Your Username & Their Username]
[b]Your Items:[/b] [Items you are Exchanging to them.]
[b]Their Items:[/b] [Items they are Exchanging to you.]
[b]Date:[/b] [Today's Date]
[b]Thread:[/b] [Proof, If possible of your agreement.. It could be a link to your store, a Thread, Ect..]

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Transfer Request Thread
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