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 Black Market

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PostSubject: Black Market   Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:50 pm

Username Glow: A custom color for your name in the chatbox and on the forum!
20 Mystic Coins

Epithet Title: Your Epithet Custom made to go on your profile.
15 Mystic Coins

Berry Conversion: You may convert Mystic coins to Berries.
1 Mystic Coin = 50,000 Berries

September Fruits!

T1 Devil fruit: An Unknown T1 Devil Fruit
Description: This fruit looks as if it’s been patched up by a tailor; It is multi-colored and larger than most devil fruits. The outside of the fruit is hard and thick.
Price: 30 Mystic Coins

T2 Devil fruit: An Unknown T2 Devil Fruit
Description: This fruit is a pale green and looks rather sickly. To the touch it’s cold and squishy.
Price: 40 Mystic Coins

T3 Devil fruit: An Unknown T3 Devil Fruit
Description: This fruit is smaller than other Devil fruits and can easily be held with one normal sized hand. The skin is spread with black 3-D spirals and the top has the appearance of a pineapple. The color is a deep yellow, orange, & Red.
Price: 50 Mystic Coins



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Black Market
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