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 Cobalt Junior's Equipment

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PostSubject: Cobalt Junior's Equipment   Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:56 pm

Name: Shovel
Owner: Cobalt Caspian Junior
Type: Polearm
Class: F
Length: 48"in [Handle], 11.5"in [Blade Length], 8.5"in [Blade Width]
Weight: 6.6lbs
Description: It is a shovel, used to dig holes in the earth. The blade is made of iron and the handle is made of balsa wood. It can be found almost anywhere in the world. This particular shovel is of pretty nice quality however, and was the shovel that was used to bury Cobalt in his grave plotter.

+ Balanced in weight, so that the weight of the object can be easily used by those who have some basic strength training.

- As it is a long shovel, all of the weight is placed into the tip of the weapon, meaning it is used like a spear opposed to like a mace.
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Cobalt Junior's Equipment
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