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 Devil Fruit List

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PostSubject: Devil Fruit List   Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:29 pm

Gomu Gomu no Mi - Rubber Fruit
Bara Bara no Mi - Chop Chop Fruit [Eaten by Nade Silver]
Sube Sube no Mi - Slip Fruit
Doa Doa no Mi - Door Fruit [Held by Gates]
Mane Mane no Mi - Clone Fruit [Held By Leo D. Morgan]
Beri Beri no Mi - Berry Fruit
Shari Shari no Mi - Wheel Fruit
Yomi Yomi no Mi - Revive Fruit [Eaten By Colbalt Junior]
Horo Horo no Mi - Hollow Fruit [Eaten By Daenys Seastar]
Suke Suke no Mi - Clear Fruit
Shiro Shiro no Mi - Castle Fruit
Choki Choki no Mi - Scissor Fruit
Woshu Woshu no Mi - Wash fruit
Guru Guru no Mi - Spin Fruit
Beta Beta no Mi - Mucus Fruit
Nui Nui no Mi - Stitch Fruit
Giro Giro no Mi - Glare Fruit
Jake Jake no Mi - Jacket Fruit
Sui Sui no Mi - Swim Fruit
Ton Ton no Mi - Ton Fruit
Hira Hira no Mi - Ripple Fruit
Nagi Nagi no Mi - Calm Fruit
Chiyu Chiyu no Mi - Heal Fruit [Held By Leo D. Morgan]
Tama Tama no Mi - Egg Fruit
Netsu Netsu no Mi - Heat Fruit
Kuku Kuku no Mi -Cook Fruit
Bane Bane no Mi - Spring Fruit - Mitty Minki
Irui Irui No Mi - Clothing Fruit
Hiso Hiso no Mi - Whisper Fruit
Kama Kama no Mi - Sickle Fruit
Mosa Mosa no Mi - Grow Fruit [Eaten by Anyanka]
Nuke Nuke no Mi - Through Fruit [Eaten by Emmi Snow]
Koro Koro no Mi - Roll Fruit
Jara Jara no Mi - Chain Fruit
Iro Iro no Mi - Color Fruit
Bijo Bijo no Mi - Illusion Fruit
Gero Gero no Mi - Icky Fruit
Keiki Keiki No Mi - Instrument Fruit

Hito Hito no Mi (Human Fruit - Eating as a Human will do nothing)
Ushi Ushi no Mi (Bison Fruit)
Ushi Ushi no Mi (Giraffe Fruit)
Inu Inu no Mi (Dog Fruit)
Inu Inu no Mi (Jackal Fruit) [Eaten By Kitaro]
Sara Sara no Mi (Axolotl Fruit)
Mogu Mogu no Mi (Mole Fruit)
Uma Uma no Mi (Horse Fruit)
Kame Kame no Mi (Turtle Fruit)

Tier Two - Tier Two Fruits are decided by them being typically more powerful. These Devil Fruits typically will have a large power curb that doesn’t require much creativity to properly use in a fight.

Bomu Bomu no Mi - Bomb Fruit
Ori Ori no Mi - Cage Fruit
Mira Mira no Mi - Mirror Fruit
Sabi Sabi no Mi - Rust Fruit
Kilo Kilo no Mi - Kilo Fruit
Awa Awa no Mi - Bubble Fruit [Eaten by Birbtree]
Hana Hana no Mi - Flower Fruit
Noro Noro no Mi - Slow fruit
Toge Toge no Mi - Spike Fruit
Supa Supa no Mi - Dice Fruit
Baku Baku no Mi - Munch Fruit
Kage Kage no Mi - Shadow Fruit
Mero Mero no Mi - Love Fruit
Doku Doku no Mi - Poison Fruit
Horu Horu no Mi - Hormone Fruit [Eaten by Lilly LuX]
Fuwa Fuwa no Mi - Float Fruit
Buki Buki no Mi - Arms Fruit
Bari Bari no Mi - Barrier Fruit [Eaten by Ultra Combo]
Ato Ato no Mi - Art Fruit
Pamu Pamu no Mi - Pop Fruit
Hoya Hoya no Mi - Puff Fruit
Pero Pero no Mi - Lick Fruit
Nemu Nemu no Mi - Sleep Fruit
Inga Inga No Mi - Karma Fruit
Goe Goe no Mi - Voice Fruit
Kachi Kachi no Mi - Hard Fruit
Mini Mini no Mi - Mini Fruit
Noko Noko no Mi - Shroom Fruit
Ami Ami no Mi - Net Fruit
Modo Modo no Mi - Return Fruit
Memo Memo no Mi - Memory Fruit
Peto Peto no Mi - Pet Fruit
Moa Moa no Mi - More Fruit
Kyubu Kyubu no Mi - Cube Fruit
Nito Nito no Mi - Nitro Fruit
Hore Hore no Mi - Fondly Fruit
Gol Gol no Mi - Gold Fruit
Mochi Mochi no Mi - Sticky Fruit
Atsu Atsu no Mi - Hot Fruit
Kopi Kopi no Mi - Copy Fruit
Gutsu Gutsu no Mi - Smelt Fruit

Custom Devil Fruit - Custom Devil Fruit. (You can create one that isn't already on the list.)

Tori Tori no Mi (Falcon Fruit)
Tori Tori no Mi (Eagle Fruit)
Inu Inu no Mi (Wolf Fruit)
Neko Neko no Mi (Leopard Fruit)
Zou Zou no Mi (Elephant Fruit)
Hebi Hebi no Mi (Anaconda Fruit)
Hebi Hebi no Mi (King Cobra Fruit)

Moku Moku no Mi - Smoke Fruit
Numa Numa no Mi - Swamp Fruit
Suna Suna no Mi - Sand Fruit [Held by Lilly LuX]
Yuki Yuki no Mi - Snow Fruit [Eaten by Tenebrose]
Niji Niji No Mi - Rainbow fruit [Eaten by Zerina Zayne]
Purazuma Purazuma No Mi - Plasma Fruit [Held by Azure Snow]
Toro Toro no Mi - Jelly Fruit
Pasa Pasa no Mi - Paper Fruit
Ame Ame no Mi - Candy Fruit

Tier Three Devil Fruits offer powerful abilities at any stage of life. Typically, these have the power to greatly affect the world in some way. Logia and Ancient/Mythical Zoans are mainly in this area.

Ito Ito no Mi - String Fruit
Bisu Bisu no Mi - Biscuit fruit
Nikyu Nikyu no Mi - Paw Fruit
Ope Ope no Mi - Op Fruit
Gura Gura no Mi - Tremor Fruit
Mato Mato no Mi - Mark Fruit
Hobi Hobi no Mi - Hobby Fruit
Ishi Ishi no Mi - Stone Fruit
Soru Soru no Mi - Soul Fruit
Samu Samu no Mi - Bad Joke Fruit
Modo Modo no Mi - Age Fruit
Raki Raki no Mi - Luck Fruit [Eaten By Lardon Johani]
Jūryoku Jūryoku No Mi - Gravity Fruit

Mythical Zoan:
Hito Hito no Mi: Daibutsu (Buddha Fruit)

Ancient Zoan:
Zou Zou no Mi (Mammoth Fruit)

Mera Mera no Mi - Flame Fruit [Eaten By Poppas Bomba]
Magu Magu no Mi - Magma Fruit [Held by Heartsmith]
Gasu Gasu no Mi - Gas Fruit
Yami Yami no Mi - Darkness Fruit
Hie Hie no Mi - Ice Fruit
Pika Pika no Mi - Light Fruit
Goro Goro no Mi - Electricity Fruit

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Devil Fruit List
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