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 Starter's Guide

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PostSubject: Starter's Guide   Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:18 pm

"It is Destiny that we meet in this place.."

Welcome to the Jeweled Seas RP! In this World there are countless Possibilities for your character as well as so many choices to make to change this world. From the High seas to far away Kingdoms there will always be an adventure to go on. Here is an Easy Guide to get you ready for your Journeys ahead! I wish you luck!

First off you will want to read the Rules & Prologue-

Rules: [HERE]

Prologue: [HERE]

After you have gotten a little familiar with the Rules & Guidelines of the Forum as well as the Chatbox and have read Prologue you can begin the process of creating a character. You will first want to roll for Soul Color, Haki, and of Course- Sea's Treasure.  [Soul color] , [Haki Roll] & [Sea's Treasure]  

After gaining a little perspective on your Characters Hidden potential you can begin the Character Making Process by Claiming a face and filling out a character application.

Character Application [HERE]
Face Claim [HERE]

When your Character App is all finished and Approved you will be placed in the Affiliation you have Chosen and thus your Journey begins.. But wait.. We are forgetting a few things.. right?

What if you get into a tussle? better register a weapon and maybe a few pieces of Armor.. Might as well since F Class Equipment is free.. Ah! yes, And your Character Tracker as well as skills.. Cant forget those before you journey out into the world..

Equipment Registration [HERE]

Character Tracker [HERE]

Skills Registration [HERE]

Now to decide on joining a Group or maybe your one of those fellas or Ladies that wish to create a fresh one.

Group Registration [HERE]

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Starter's Guide
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