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 Task Creation Template

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PostSubject: Task Creation Template   Sat Sep 02, 2017 3:06 pm

"Ready to take on the world?.."

Welcome to Task Creation! This is where you will create tasks to gain strength, build friendships and even take down enemies. First of all, There are Different Levels of tasks- Or Different "Tier Tasks". We have put together a few examples of each Tier task so you can better gauge what sort of task you should take on. Second of all, There are rewards for every task completion; These rewards are randomly rolled through 'Treasure Dice' at the end of the Task by the Admin or Mod that looks over the Task. Treasure Dice could bring you valuable items, Money, or even things like Username glows or Weaponry.

Group Bonus:
On a different note if you are on a Task with another person from the same Group you will gain 25% more EXP [Example: Someone Who is a Pirate Tasks with another Person who is a pirate and they are in the same crew. They complete a D Class Task and gain 100EXP.. They are both from the same Group so they would gain 25% more.. In this case the Total EXP received would be 125 EXP.]

Class Task Rewards:


[b]Task Title:[/b] (Task name)
[b]Class Task:[/b] (D Class, B Class, Ect..)
[b]Task Requirements:[/b] (Number of Characters going on the Task, Word Count per post, how many posts to complete Task or what needs to be done in order to complete the Task.)
[b]Task Location:[/b] (Location of Task)
[b]Task Description: [/b] (Description of Task, Goals of Task, Ect.)

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Task Creation Template
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