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 Hope Seeker Pirates (WIP)

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First Generation

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PostSubject: Hope Seeker Pirates (WIP)   Mon Aug 28, 2017 1:59 am

Group Name: Hope Seeker Pirates
Base Name: (What's the name of your base of operations, Ship, Ect?)
Group Symbol:

Captain: Uri Calypso
First Mate: Shizue Mutsu
Second mate: Kurai Homura

-To achieve our own motivations
-Helping the other crew members achieve their motivations through any means, even if it means trampling others
-Gain as much money and land as we can possibly get

Motto: "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

Defining your Group: We are a group that is dedicated to solving our dreams. Each of us has a dream we wish to accomplish, our own sort of hope. We dedicate our lives to find this hope and achieve it. However, once our hope is found there will always be another dream we will chase. After all, life is a never ending adventure. We will do anything to accomplish our dream, even if it means trampling over those who are in our way. Every crew member has a voice, as the captain is merely the manager. Every decision is decided by popular vote, having the Captain vote only if there is a completely even vote. All dreams are welcome here, those regarded as good and evil both. Once you join the crew, you must also help others achieve their goals.

Allies: (You will gain them through the RP.)

Enemies: (You will gain them through the RP.)
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Hope Seeker Pirates (WIP)
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