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 Character Races

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PostSubject: Character Races   Fri Aug 25, 2017 7:24 pm

Humans are the most widely spread race on the planet and can be found anywhere. They are a Jack of all trades kind of race, Each having a different, Unique specialty.

This race is humanoid that is mixed with a creature of the Sea. They are usually Faster, Stronger, and Better than the human Race in water and sometimes out of the water.

This Race has been long extinct but sometimes your will find a massive Giant here and there in the world. It is said they are from a Massive island in the New World. Due to their massive organs, movements and techniques for these guys are limited!

This race has extra long arms OR legs because they have an extra knee or elbow and an entirely other bone complex to accompany those extra Knees or Elbows. This makes them able to jump higher or Push things farther than humans. Same as human's really but depending on the season, their joint's can be affect due to their large traits.

This Race was man made and can be any other race mixed with metal and machine. Usually to be considered a Cyborg your body must be at least half way massed with metal and Mechanics.

This Race consists of People of the Sky Islands. The Skypians; They have wings but they are unable to "Fly" Instead they are able to Glide. They seem to be a lot lighter than humans and are often victims to slavery.

Amazons are found in Two places, Amazon lilly and a large isle in the New world. They are women warriors that are usually brought up seeing no men. In fact, they mostly hate men and will try to kill them on sight but it depends on the Amazon Tribe on how they handle the opposite sex.

The Animal Race is for those who wish to play as an animal of some sort or this race is also for those who have eaten a Zoan Type Devilfruit.

These are Humanoids that are cats. They stand about 4 feet tall and have all the features regular cats have; The sharp teeth, claws and fancy whiskers. The Minkmen are rarely seen and are a ridiculed people.

The Horned Race has bones that are denser and tougher than humans. They often grow magnificent and powerful horns from their skulls and have red, green, brown or pale skin colors.

The fae are not usually seen and are those of legend. They can be anywhere from 1 feet tall to 5 feet in height and unlike their Skypian Brothers they are able to fly to 50 meters high without any trouble.

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Character Races
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