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 Dr. Crytelia Choe

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PostSubject: Dr. Crytelia Choe   Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:38 am

Full Name: Crytelia Marie Levia Choe
Alias/Epithet: Dr. Choe , Crytelia
Age: She is now 29 years old
Gender: Female
Sexuality: heterosexual
Origin: United States
Affiliation: Independent Hero
Job: She is a forensic investigator

+Main: Thinker
+Secondary: Mover
+Third: Stranger

General Appearance:On the first look you would recognize her long and thick hair, it's has a beautiful pink-straberry-blond color. In the dark is it a lot darker than in the sun. Her body is thin and not tall. With 165cm she is in the United States small, in her country but normal. Her face is in an V-Shape and her big blue eyes are full of live. She has a small nose and her lips are full. On the right ears he wears an earring, who has a violet crystal in it. The other one has she give away to her little sister. Cry has a thin waist and shoulder, her breasts are a little because of an injures. In her home town he has a plastic surgery on his breasts and nose when she was 20 years old. She loves to dress up and to cosplay! On her work she often becomes trouble because of her looks. Sometimes it is very sexy or just a bit crazy. On her nails we can often see nail polish. She always wears high heels or boots. Well because of that she wears nearly every day different thinks Cry has no casual outfits or general clothes. She makes her clothes her self and love all the pieces.
Hair Color: She has pink bright pink hair. In the sun sometimes it looks like blond
Eye Color: blue
Skin Tone: She has a very light skin tone. She tries to avoid the sun
Height:165 centimeter
Weight: 55kg
Tattoo:Cry has no Tattoo or other thinks on his body.

Personality:Cry is to the person in front of her directly and would not lie just to safe him. She lakes of having empathy and that's get her often in trouble with the successors of the victims, that's the reason why she avoids them. In her work she is very good and professional. Cry is really intelligent but also she is a perfectionist, she will always be perfect and hates to make mistakes. In her home and in the work all is very clean and she is really obsessed that all is on the right place. On the other side Crytelia is really charismatic and can be kind, also a bit dramatic - because she loves dramas! But in all his facts she is genuine and would never be someone else only to see other people happy, she is happy with her live. Cry is not disappoint of her live, she looks in the future and give her best all day. Cry has really great manners and also she is very self-critical. Crytelia hates to be criticized and to see what he has failed.  Crytelia has a lot of fantasy and love to create new clothes, also it helps her when she makes an autopsy. She can so either make a decision. Crytelia is very optimistic and she never gives up easily on a case or in her private live. If he must learn something, new she is ambitions.
Personality Quirks: She sometimes makes really bad jokes. Dr. Choe sings also in her free time or when she is during an autopsy. Magic fascinate her and she wants to now everything about that.
Likes: create new clothes, singing, dancing, her job, train her magic
Dislikes: loud noises, dirt, war, people who would not accept her job, the color  dark green
Motivations: She wants to arrest all the bad guys and become the greatest forensic medicine. Dr. Choe wants some day the brain from a person with magic autopsy
Fears: die before she turns 38 years or get married, spiders, fear of dirt, rooms with no windows, to get sick ( so she can not go to work - inperfect)

Home Town: Born : China, Beijing, Raised: Japan, Tokio
Family Member: Sister (15), Mother, Father, Brother (34), stepfather
Character History:
- Birth in Beijing

- Has always an older brother

- Her parents divorce ( 6 years old)

- The brother stays by her father

- She was take away from her mother to Japan

- Lives there with the new lover her mother

- Her mother became a new child

- Crytelia missed her brother

- She studied hard Japanese, English and also her mother language mandarin

- Begins to study medicine

- First contact with her power , trains the skills

- In the last 2 years she goes to the United States and studied there

- Works there as a forensic investigator
Face Claim: Sheryl Nome Macross Frontier
Voice Claim: The sound and when she sings

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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Crytelia Choe   Fri Jun 30, 2017 5:43 pm

Okay I think the character is done and hope there are not many mistakes Fishy
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Dr. Crytelia Choe
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