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 Where Do We Begin?[OPEN]

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Zerina Zayne
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PostSubject: Where Do We Begin?[OPEN]   Fri Jun 09, 2017 10:56 pm

"The Brightest light eventually fades to the darkest darkness.."

"..Authorities are still puzzled by the chain of serial murders which have recently taken place in the past week.." The voice came from a giant Television. "..All Victims were Executed with precise application of some sort of sharp weapon.." The sound of a spinning umbrella feathered through the air. "..The most terrifying thing about these murders is the fact that all color was apparently taken from the bodies, The Clothing and surrounding areas, Leaving the horrifying scene with Hues of Black, White and Grey.." A pearly white smirk over took the umbrella owner's face and a gentle giggle was exhaled. "..This Signature 'Color Stealing' belongs to the Meta-Human Assassin known as the Rainbow Reaper, who is still at large.. But the real Question is- Where did this Infamous Reaper of Color come from and where will the Assassin strike next?"

'..Where do I come from?.. I guess to tell my tale I will have to Start at the very beginning..'

4 years ago- San Diego , California

"Z! We are ALREADY late!" Gina spoke loudly enough for everyone to hear. She was always such a drama queen and loved attention. "OH! Yeah- I'm hurrying! Don't want to be more late for the grand opening!" Zerina fixed the sash which had come undone as quickly as possible and rushed to her blond friends side. Down Town San Diego's night life was always so bright; from the colorful bike carriages to the flashy signs, Zerina always enjoyed the night time themes. Zerina, Gina and another friend usually went out to the clubs to dance, drink and have a good time together, Tonight was no different in that regard but it was on slightly different terms.

Tonight was the grand opening of the Zayne Clan's Club, Emerald Heart. Being the First born of the Zayne clan's main line, Zerina was suppose to arrive as a symbol of longevity and growth in the Clan's ceremonial robes. Zerina and Gina rushed through the glowing Green door and into the large lobby where a man with green attire was waiting patiently for Zerina. "Right this way, Lovely Girl." The man held out his arm, expecting Zerina to hook her own arm through his; Which she had done flawlessly. Gina followed a few steps behind, growing impatient of the slow and steady walk of the two in front of her.

As Zerina entered the massive ball room the roars of the party turned to dim whispers. "AH! There you are my dear sister!" A handsome Fellow in a white suit appeared from the crowds of nicely dressed folks. Gina's face instantly turned red as she vanished to mingle in the crowd, it had seemed like she was trying to avoid the man in white. Zerina blushed as she was traded off to her younger brother, linking with his right arm. "I was a little worried you got lost." A bright Twinkly wink, Equipped with a curved smile overtook Zerina's heart. She loved her younger brother, He was a kind hearted soul who always looked after the clan and all those allied with it. He also organized Charity events and helped the helpless when they needed it the most.

"You know, Father was a little worried as well- You are not usually late!" He gave another one of his charming smiles before walking up the stairs. "Oh?! Father is here as well, brother?" Zerina smirked ear to ear with excitement. She didn't often see her father, As he was usually busy with Zayne Clan business or running Zayne Corps. Still linked with her brother, Zerina walked down a long hallway and through a fancy gold and emerald doorway. "Hahaha! Looks like my heart may be at rest.. Thank you Edward- For accompanying your sister here." A deep voice echoed through the room. The voice came from a tall man with Jet black hair which was in a slicked back fashion.

"Yes, Of course father- I will be taking my leave now.. As host of this event I must entertain my guests." Edward winked at his father who stood with a smirk on his face. Edward and all others in the room left and shut the door behind them, Leaving Zerina and her Father alone. Zerina was dressed in the Ceremonial Robes of the Zayne clan which were much like a Japanese Kimono. Her hair flowed down her back like an obsidian river and like her father, Zerina wore a beautiful Emerald Amulet. "Its been awhile since Ive been with my family.. Much too long. I regret that I have not had much time to spend with you and your brothers." The giant of a man walked closer to his daughter with a long, wrapped cylinder package in his left hand.

"I-I Understand Father. You have a lot to Manage.. It brings me great joy to see you here though!" Zerina wrapped her arms around the giant fellow, Trying her best to touch her fingers together- But with the width and size of the nicely dressed fellow it would be impossible for Zerina. Her Father returned the embrace, engulfing Zerina's body with a warm and powerful feeling. "..Zerina.. I have seen the future and very soon something Irreversible will take place." He spoke, still holding his daughter close. Zerina Knew if her Father saw something bad happen- Then It would come to pass.. It was her Father's Meta-Human Abilities to see into the Past, Present, and Future.

"..What have you seen Father?" Zerina backed away from her father as he let the embrace fall apart. "Pools of blood.. Cosmic gifts.. And you, My Only daughter and heir to the Zayne Clan's main line." He held out the long and slender package, Giving it to Zerina as if it were a sacred Katana. "What is this, Father?" She took the package, opening it carefully from one side and from it came a beautiful crimson umbrella. Zerina smiled brightly, opening it to fully extend. She put it upon her shoulder, spinning it like she had seen her mother do many times before in the past.

"..Mother's Umbrella.. It is comforting.." Zerina frowned and a tear fell from her right eye. Her mother had died long ago when she was but a child. But now it was different- When she spun the umbrella it felt like she was carrying on a sort of legacy.. She Felt powerful. All of a sudden a loud scream came from the direction of the ball room followed by gunshots, Weapons clashing, and glass shattering. ".. It has begun."
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Where Do We Begin?[OPEN]
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