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 Escape from Super-powered Nazi Children

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PostSubject: Escape from Super-powered Nazi Children   Mon Jun 05, 2017 2:44 pm

Lindis was breathing heavily as she got her stuff together quickly. After her encounter with Astrid earlier, she was pretty stressed. She also knew she had to get out of here. As soon as her Dad came home, she told him what happened and he started scrambling too. They had a day to get out, that was it. The tickets were already purchased and the flight was tonight. Hopefully, they weren't going to be followed...

"Lindis, are you ready? I'd prefer to leave sooner, rather than later!" Lindis' father, Olaf, was already packed and ready to go. He had always been fast, but Lindis had never seen him move as fast as he had today. It made her wonder... No, no time for wondering. They had to go, and they had to go fast. Lindis shoved the last changes of clothes and extra glasses into her suitcase. She went over to her dresser and quickly dug in, digging out an old wool strip and a pretty silver necklace. They were both special for different reasons, and Lindis had promised to keep them both. She put the necklace around her neck and the wool around her left arm. She felt determined as she grabbed her packed suitcase and hurried downstairs to meet her father. He was a burly man of about 6'2", and he was dressed in a t-shirt, long pants, hat and coat. He was ready. The two of them hurried out into the car, placed their suitcases in the back and left, heading towards the airport. Lindis let out a huge sigh, as if she had been holding her breath the entire time. She was ready to sleep for a full day after this. Being chased by a super-powered Nazi was sure to be no fun.

Once they got to the airport, they went through the standard procedures and got on the plane to Chicago, in the United States. It was gonna be a hell of a change from ol' Rekjavik, but Lindis decided to enjoy what she could. Once on the plane, she leaned onto her Dad's shoulder and dozed off. When she woke up, she'd be in Chicago...


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Escape from Super-powered Nazi Children
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