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Natasha Ivanovna


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PostSubject: E.M.T    Fri May 19, 2017 7:48 pm

Skill Set Name: E.M.T
Classifications: Tinker (Bio-Focus) / Master / Shaker
Skill Set Information:
Natasha's skill set focuses mainly around modifying enemies and allies alike through Genetic Enhancements, Debuffs, Serums, or any number of medical techniques which she had previously used purely for evil and to torture: She now uses these abilities to help (or tries to do so) and to make an enemy less dangerous than they originally were.

Supplementing her Bio-Engineering abilities are Natasha's Master abilities which revolve around the creation and maintaining of zombie-like minions that serve as shields or physical powerhouses depending on the situation at hand. These minions are mindless and have no sentience of their own, thus they will follow whatever command Natasha gives to them without question and furthermore cannot be swayed by reasonings of another person.

Finally, her Shaker abilities allow Natasha to create a wide area of effect abilities such as clouds of medicinal gas to enhance a lot of allies or sleeping gas to render enemies unconscious or any number of applications depending on her abilities.

Experimental Healing Genes:
Due to the unusual circumstances of her birth and engineered genes, Natasha naturally heals from wounds at an accelerated rate (small cuts and bruises closing up in one post whereas larger wounds such as gashes, deep cuts, or serious injuries must be healed out of battle and cannot be done under duress. This does not provide any bonus to the Health Point stat.

Eyes Of Madness:
Although they provide no actual effects in combat, Natasha also has an unusual pair of bright violet eyes that have several rings around the pupil which seem to swirl when one gazes at them for longer than a few seconds, giving the woman an almost cartoonish and somewhat disturbing appearance of her eyes which, coupled with her naturally purple skin makes for at least a somewhat unnerving first encounter for most.

Sleight of... Syringe?:
Seeing as many of her Bio-Tinker abilities require the use of serums and injections into a target, Natasha has managed to amass a rather impressive amount of Syringes upon her person and is presumed to always have at least one on-hand at all times unless her hands are bound and furthermore can be used as an F-Rank bladed weapon if necessary.

Skill Set Strengths:
I'm a doctor! - Sort of:
Many of Natasha's abilities revolve around either debuffing enemies or buffing allies, meaning that she is capable of - if planned correctly - turning the tide of a battle without needing to even defeat an enemy by her own hands.

I know what I'm doing!:
Thanks to an extensive knowledge of the human body, as well as her numerous experiments and tests, all of Natasha's medical abilities either debuffing or buffing receives a +5 bonus or -5 penalties to all stat fields they effect, depending on whether or not they are intended to buff or debuff.

Undead Minions:
Due to their undead nature, all of Natasha's minions cannot be effected by any enemy Master ability or other ability that attempts to control the minds of her creations as they are only capable of obeying her orders and nothing else, making them mindless and somewhat disturbing in their often humanoid appearance.

Skill Set Weakness:
Fight me face to face!:
Due to her skill set focusing heavily on buffing and debuffing via serums and the like, long-ranged opponents are typically very difficult for Natasha to deal with even with her Shaker abilities making her rather useless at long range and more often than not her only recourse is to fling insults towards her enemy until they come into her range again.

Shambling Horrors:
Due to her minions being undead as previously mentioned, Natasha's summons are much slower than their master and suffer a minus ten penalty to their speed, meaning that at lower levels they are essentially slow-moving targets that are easily destroyed by an enemy.

Noodle Arms:
Since Natasha mainly focuses on her experiments rather than hitting the gym or attempting to master the art of the sword, all of her physical techniques suffer a -5 to Strength regardless of rank, offsetting her finesse with her medical techniques.


- D-Rank:

Technique Name: Mad Doctor's Short-Acting Serum
Technique Rank D
Technique Focus Intelligence
Technique Classification(s) Bio-Tinker
Technique's Duration Two posts.
Technique Description:
Withdrawing a syringe from her person, Natasha injects an ally with a special serum that buffs a chosen stat-field by half of Natasha's Will stat for a total of two posts. Only one such serum can be applied at a time per ally and at this rank cannot be used to debuff enemies. Ally's injected with the serum may also leave the user's direct range without losing the buff, and the range for an ally to be able to be injected is within two meters of the user.

Technique Name: Mook Minion
Technique Rank D
Technique Focus Will
Technique Classification(s) Master
Technique's Duration Two posts.
Technique Description:
Giving a snap of her fingers, Natasha is able to summon one of her many zombified minions to her aide that has stats equal to half of her Will distributed among Health Points, Strength and Speed evenly, with all other fields considered to be zero. These minions will disappear if leaving a range of five meters of the user and also have an appearance decided upon by the user themselves, although typically they take on the appearance of a zombified mummy or similar.

These rank of minions also have no weapons and attack with teeth/claws that are considered to be F-Rank for the purposes of the technique and the monster's attacks.

Technique Name: Spinal Tap
Technique Rank D
Technique Focus Intelligence
Technique Classification(s) Bio-Tinker
Technique's Duration One post.
Technique Description:
At half of her speed, Natasha rushes at an enemy and moves around to their backside and injects them in the spine with a short-acting paralyzing serum that (if successfully reaching the target and they do not have a Defense equal to or higher than half of her intelligence) stuns an enemy for a single post afterwards with the ability itself having a range of five meters to lunge.
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