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 Slash Administrator[WIP]

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PostSubject: Slash Administrator[WIP]   Tue May 16, 2017 4:31 am

Skill Set Name:Slash Administrator
Classifications:Blaster, Thinker, Master
Skill Set Information: The Powers of Switch Blade renowned Terrorist and leader of Slaughterhouse are strange, and aside from the obvious Edge Projection that he wields there are two extra parts of his power that he is unaware of, specifically his Master ability to influence other Superhuman's and make himself more agreeable, the ability to read another Superhuman and then say the right thing to get them more acclimated to his method of thinking.
His Thinker power stems from his Master power, giving him a rather intrinsic knowledge of how a Superhuman will move or how they will react and attack, which allows him to react quickly to threats before the motion or thought of an attack has even finished.

Passives:(Any small side-effect of your skill-set that affects your character or the environment in some minor or cosmetic way can be added here, these can be things like having an alternate eye-color when utilizing your powers, lighting up an area passively if you utilize a light-based power, etc)
You are able to have up to Three Passives.

Skill Set Strengths:(What advantages does your skill-set have in RP? What gives it these strengths and why? Be as descriptive as possible and focus on concrete strengths of your skill-set as a whole rather than individual strengths that techniques provide)
Skill Set Weakness: (What are some disadvantages of your skill-set as a whole? Is it countered by speed? High Defense? High Perception? Be specific with the how and the why, and be sure to include an equal amount of weaknesses as you have strengths.)

"People like you won't understand, you need to learn what consequences are.

So I'll teach you."
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Slash Administrator[WIP]
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