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 The Slaughterhouse

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Jeremy Haynes


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PostSubject: The Slaughterhouse   Tue May 16, 2017 4:08 am

Name of Group: Slaughterhouse
Name of Base: LXM Mobile Luxury Bus.
Group Symbol: A Red wide rimmed circle with a white background in the center and two black triangles coming together at the point the sides slanted at a 45 degree angle.

Leader: Switch Blade - Jeremy Haynes.
Commander: N/A
Lieutenant: N/A

Goals: The Slaughterhouse aims to remove the pigs of society, mainly those involved in organized crime.
Though they do not care about collateral or what means they employ to do so.

Motto: Injustice must be met with Justice, Actions must have Consequences, Vermin must be Exterminated.

Defining your Group:

The Slaughterhouse was founded by the Villain and Terrorist named Switch Blade after he teamed up with the Villain named 'Canary' to attack a neighborhood in Southern California, since that time, the group has expanded, growing more daring and less restrained as time goes on and soon they began to travel through unknown means into different countries, escaping detection and slipping through border checks, attacking a group of civilian Mafioso or Cartels throughout the world before vanishing without a trace.

Every so often, the Slaughterhouse will stop in a City or a Town with the intention of recruiting a Superhuman to their cause, Switch Blade is always at these meetings, and he has never failed to gain a member.

The Slaughterhouse have been active for nearly a decade, and are considered an A-class Threat.

Allies: (You will gain them through the RP.)

Enemies: (You will gain them through the RP.)

"People like you won't understand, you need to learn what consequences are.

So I'll teach you."
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The Slaughterhouse
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