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 Trial By Fire

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PostSubject: Trial By Fire   Mon May 15, 2017 3:01 pm

Task Title: Trial By Fire.
Class Task: B
Task Requirements:
- Any members of Gesellschaft, up to six in total will be chosen for and allowed to participate in this mission.

- A minimum word-count of three-thousand words Per Individual will be required in order to complete the task, as well as a total of at least four posts per individual at the bare minimum. Anything below this will be considered a failure.

- The city of Munich must be captured from its defenders, or the task will be considered a failure.

- Protected Civilians (Purple on the Battleplan) shall not be killed unless they attempt to fight Gesellschaft, whoever is found to kill one of these Protected Civilians (Powered or Non-Powered) will be dealt with on the spot and harshly.

Task Location: Munich, Germany.

Task Description:

The plan is as follows:
- The Fuhrer will provide air cover for Gesellschaft soldiers, neutralizing the mortar to the northeast of the Enemy Stronghold.

- A reconnaissance vehicle will be positioned to the north of the Enemy Stronghold and will provide details of troop movements to Infantry and Headquarters.

- An Armored Vehicle Squad will be moved, along with a Light Infantry Squad to the far north of the Enemy Stronghold and will flank from the northeast facing off against Enemy Light Infantry and Mechanized Infantry squads.

- Mortars and Artillery near Gesellschaft Headquarters will provide cover against Enemy Armor and Anti-Armor for as long as possible, as well as distract the enemy to allow the final squads to move into position.

- A Mechanized Infantry and Regular Infantry squad will lastly be moved south of the Enemy Stronghold and then flank through the southwest side of the city, moving quickly in order to take the Stronghold from enemy forces while the remaining targets are taken out.

- Optionally, Civilian Law Enforcement and others within the city may be recruited and brought to aid in the attack if they are cooperative.

- Once the city is taken, all groups must then rally at the Stronghold and inform Gesellschaft Headquarters of their victory so that further soldiers can be sent to hold the area.

Positions Available:


Light Infantry: (Flanking North)

Infantry: (Flanking South)

Gesellschaft Headquarters:


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Trial By Fire
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